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Dear Reader,

A wonderful miracle was established with the blessings of Sree Shiridi Sai.

This autumn, Thursday 23rd October 2008 early hours I suddenly woke up from my sound sleep and saw His almighty Satguru Shree Shirdi Sai appeared right in front of my eyes, for few moments I was speechless. I was so happy to see his face with graceful smile on his face.

Later He directed me to write a book on his miracles experienced by his devotees who are spread across continents and said and this will be The Life Book of my devotees, a testimony of their trust in me and my promise to them "You look to Me I Look to You".

He further assured that who all reads this book and believes that I am there shall experience many Miracles in their own lives too and that they will one day contribute their Miracle to this book to be published.

Iam not sure weather it was real or my illusion. I was also contemplating weather it's just an illusion or a truth. I prayed to Baba and said "if it is real please bless me with your photograph or prasadam, so that I can overcome from this confusion. Around 11.45 am a priest came to my office and handed over me a photograph of Baba & Shree Ramji. Here, I undoubtedly accepted the fact that it was not an illusion but a message from God as a Life time Opportunity to network with his beloved devotees.

Trust me, I did not know where to start and what to start, I was not at all prepared for any thing like this in my life.

But, as my first step towards his order I started this website to collect the miracles & experiences from Baba devotes and make a library and then to compile a book to take his glory and showcase how close Baba lives with his devotees. This Book is going to be incarnated as "THE MIRACLE BOOK".

My Mission is to take My Experience with GOD to all SHIRIDI SAI devotees and request them to pass on this message to as many people as possible. I request you to encourage & advise them to share their experiences with us and help us compile The Miracle Book with Their Experience with God and document it for future references which shall remain for ever.

By sharing your experience with God shall help & inspire the individuals of this society to believe that god exists and he can be experienced provided you are will to experience him.

You can email your miracles to or

My humble request to all BABA DEVOTES, Please forward this mail to all your friends and family members across the globe and encourage them to be a part of this Blissful Mission.

Looking forward to receive your miracle experiences very soon.


Jai Sai Ram
Best Wishes

Ranadheer Kumar Aaleti


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