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Extracts from Sri Sai Satcharitra

    1. These are some of the extracts taken from Sai Satcharitra.
    2. The life of a Saint is neither logical nor dialectical. It shows us true and great path.
    3. The simple remembrances of my name as "Sai Sai" will do away with sins of speech & hearings.
    4. I am the mother origin of all beings, nothing will harm him, who trusts his attention towards me.
    5. Baba himself watered the soil for three years and grew a garden where stands present Samadhi Mandir.
    6. Baba always said, poverty is batter than kingship, for better than lordship. The Lord is always brother of the poor.
    7. Baba always advocated daan (charity) & feeding the poor.
    8. Baba always used to say, "Allah Malik" (God is the sole owner).
    9. Baba said, body should neither be neglected nor fondled with and to be taken care to attain God vision or self realization.
    10. Baba said, whoever devoutly offers to me a leaf, flower, fruit or water of that pure hearted man, I accept that pious offerings.
    11. Baba always said to all that Ram & Rahim are one and the same.
    12. Baba said, Woman & wealth are two main obstacles in the way of our spiritual life.
    13. It is on account of rinanubandh" (former relationship) that we have come to gather, let us serve each other and be happy.
    14. Saint's sees scandal monger removes the dirt (fault) of others by his tongue & in a way he obliges the person and is to be thanked.
    15. After performing many deeds of merits you are born as a human. One to lead righteous life with mind calm & composed.
    16. Baba said, objects of the sense enjoyment first to be offered to the Guru than attachment for them will naturally vanishes.
    17. Baba often said, his devotees be at any distance, he will be drawn to Shirdi like sparrow with thread tied to its feet.
    18. Baba freely allowed worshiping of own deity.
    19.Baba tought by udi (ash) that our body composed of five elements, will fall down after all enjoyment and reduce to ashes.
    20. Guru Purnima was the only festival which Baba asked devotees to celebrate.
    21. Guru can be a good guide but sadguru is an experience.
    22. Baba approved aarti by Madhav Adkar, Aarti Sai Baba, Saukhyadatar jiva charanarajatali sung at noon at 12.00 in the Mandir.

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