Ms.Yamini shares her experience after reading the miracle book

It started with the parayan of our “The Miracle Book” While I was doing the parayan I got to read a miracle in which Sai had blessed a devotee with a job. I was telling heart to heart to Sai,”Will you also play your leela and bless me as you have blessed that devotee”? and Lo the same night I experienced a wonderful dream :- In my dream,” I was waiting to cross a busy road and was really struggling with the heavy traffic on the road and from nowhere I found an old man tall with long beard and wearing coat and suit came walking towards me and assured me that I will get a job in a week and not to worry.” This is the end of the dream. 

In the morning when I remembered the dream I started to co-relate my dream with the miracle I read in “The Miracle Book” and I realized that the old man who assured me in my dream was none other than my loving eternal father Sai.. But at the same time I was asking Sai, to show me some proof on this. Wonders of wonder the same week I received a call and was interviewed over phone and on a Thursday the same person called me and said that I am the most suitable candidate for the job and I will be very soon intimated about the placement. My happiness reached no bounds and was very thankful to my Saima for all his mercy. I called my sister and conveyed her the blessings of our Sai and She felt so happy and said,” see I told you, ”Sai will definitely give you, what is good for you..”. Now the testing started Yes, I did not receive any call from the company the next week, I waited for 2 weeks there was no response and I tried all means to find out what was happening but absolutely no clue, just then my sister had called to know about the prospects of my offer, I told her that I did not hear anything from the Company, she said,” if that Job is for you, then Sai will bless you if you are not getting it then it means Sai must have planned something better than this. So don’t lose heart and just remember Sai always “. That was when my eye fell on the book “Life History of Shirdi Sai” by Ammulu Sambhashiva Rao which was gifted by Ranadheer brother-author of “The Miracle Book” during his visit to Chennai. Sai gave me an inclination to read the book and the same Thursday I started doing the parayan of that book and before I could complete the parayan I received a call again from the company and they regretted for making me to wait for this long period as the person had gone on leave my papers did not move to the higher officials and was held up for a month and finally I got the offer letter and they also gave me the office address where I need to report.

Sai’s leelas did not stop here in a week’s time I received call from this new office and they said there is a change in the location and I need to report to another address and Lo, this new address is the same place where our All India Sai Samaj Saimandir is located. What more do I need. I completed my parayan and that Thursday as mentioned in the book we went to Saimandir and offered food for the needy and came home happily. 

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ranadheer brother for being instrumental in bringing up The Miracle Book and also for his most valuable gift (Life History of Shirdi Sai) which will be remembered always and May Sai shower all the blessings on his family and bless him to do more such Sai sevas.

I have no words to express my gratitude to my Sai for all his blessings on me, and I place my head on his lotus feet to bless me, guide me and be with me always and with all of us always.

Jai Sai Ram