My Cousin Got Good Job after reading the miracle book 

My brother-in-law's wife works for Matrusri Group of Educational Institutions. Their institution was looking for Teachers in Social & Mathematics. Their staff was asked to refer known candidates. She has referred my wife, as she is M.Sc. in Mathematics. 

She was called for the interview and she was selected, even though she had no prior experience - she did very well in the interview & demo class as well. For quite some time my wife was planning to do B.Ed at least through correspondence to get into teaching profession. She paid the fees but could not even write the entrance exam for some reason or the other. With Baba's Blessings even without B.Ed she was selected in a school as a teacher.

Incidentally there is a big Baba temple in front of the school, it is located in Baghlingampally. As soon as one reaches the school a big picture of Baba – can be seen; indicating - my blessings are always with you why fear when I’m here…..