Sai Ram: Unbelievable Experience after reading The Miracle Book (SAI MAHAADBHUTA LEELALU )

My Name is Murali Krishna I'm a business man., Recently I ventured into movie business Iam producing movie now.

I have started the movie everything went off well but in last phase I have stuck with so many problems. My finance were tough to

I was in helpless stage., My eyes turn on Miracle book which i was presented by Ranadheer Kumar Garu., I saw Baba face on cover i felt relaxed instantly., I read cover page bottom, Solve your unsolved problem by reading the Miracle book. So far i have not read any book i felt reading the book I started reading this book from last thursday not even i finished yet., but baba showed a great miracle to me. Friday evening I recd a call from Satelite TV Channel and they wanted to Buy my movie., I have never expected i will sell my movie for such good price. On top of that i never expected they will pay so fast. I recd the payment Monday first hour. Its a real Miracle in my life. 

I went to Ranadheer Kumar Garu on monday thanked him for presenting the book for me.

I wanted to share this to all sai devotes. 

Aum Sai Ram
Murali Krishan, Hyderabad