I always think of my devotees

Shri Sai came to us in the year 2009 and from then onwards we could feel His Presence. One of the recent miracles I want to share with you all.

We live in the US and I had to leave for Chennai,India on 23rd January,2013 on an important work.At the early hours of 22nd January,I was thinking to myself,"What if I could visit SHIRDI to see Sai?"I had absolutely no idea how I would go but my desire to have HIS DARSHAN WAS STRONG.

Just a week after I landed in Chennai,I went to a private temple for Goddess Shri Meenakshi with my cousin.After Darshan,we were driving back to my cousin's apartment.My cousin at the time of getting down from the car casually mentioned,"I'll not be in town for a week".I thought he was on his usual business trips,but asked him where he was going."SHIRDI"was his reply!! I was spell bound! Immediately,I asked him if I could also come along to see Sai.He was not sure of the ticket availability but agreed to check up with the travel agency owner who is a great Sai Devotee and a good friend of my cousin as well.My cousin called him and the travel agency owner agreed to accommodate me! I was SPEECHLESS!Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I was thanking Sai for His Immeasurable Grace!

I was returning home and my cousin called me to say that my tickets were CONFIRMED!"He added on to say that the manager of the travel agency said,"There is a Divine Hand in this." I was overwhelmed with joy and emotion.We ,a group of 22 people left for Shirdi on 19 th February& touched the Holy soil of Shirdi on 20th February.We had wonderful Darshan of Shri Sai on 21st&22nd of February.I thought of visiting Shirdi on 22nd January and Sai made it possible within a month's time.What else can I attribute this to except His Miracle?I could feel one thing;"If He wants you,He'll pull you to Him like a sparrow!"

We had Darshan of three Jyotirlingas at Thriambekeshwar,Grishneshwar&BhimaShankar and also had Darshan at Sani Signapur in this Pilgrimage.

During the trip, in one of the conversations,the manager of the travel agency told me,"Your ticket was wait listed#46 and infront of my eyes it got confirmed.I had goose bumps.We all had booked our tickets in November 2012 itself for this trip.It's very clear that SAI has called you to Shirdi!'

I still keep thanking Sai for His Grace He has showered on me.I have some more of His Miracles which happened during this trip which I'll share with you.

I thank you immensely for publishing this in the "MiracleBook"

With humble pranams to His Holy Feet

Jayanthi Ramachandran