Om Sai Ram.

I can proudly say am one among the crores of sai devotees.Am sharing this experience which happened in my life two weeks back.Right now am in vrat for 9 thursdays for sai.It happened to me on my third week of vrat.On that particular day i was in some personal problem.So i was restless and was thinking about some thing else.I used to go to sai temple on vrat day,that evening i went to the temple near by.I had a wonderful sai dharshan and when i came out after dharsan,they were giving udhi, folded in paper and i got it and instead of smearing it on the fore head and i tried to put it in the shirt pocket but suddenly i felt that some one has dashed it from my hand but no one was actually there near by,i couldnt realize why it had happened like that,then i placed inside the pocket,then suddenly i dashed with one devotee who is smearing udhi and i felt sorry for him.I was thinking why its happening like tat i suddenly realized that i didnt smear udhi instead i kept in pocket.All these happened with in a minute.I felt surprised and felt joy that sai is with me and watching me.I smeared udhi,suddenly i got freed from my problem and i was extremely happy about sai's presence with me.I am not a worth devotee and i wouldnt even spend some 5 minutes to pray sai..Even thought he has a great affection to me and i always feel his presence with me..

Even i planned to share this experience on the very next day it happened but due to laziness i couldnt.


Karthikeyan S