I have been trying for a good job in banking sector since last 3 years & I was tired of waiting & trying.

One day, my very close friend gave me the Miracle of Sai book & advised me to do the parayana for the same.

Immediatley I started the Parayana. On the 5th day of Parayana, I received an unexpected call from a renowned bank for an urgent opening for my profile. To my surprise,when I completed my interview, I learnt that the position was for the next level & I was already selected for the same.

This is how Baba helps you and you dont even come to know, that he is invisibly working with you & around you.

He knows what you want, you just need to have Shraddha in Sai & Saburi in your attitude, then nothing is Impossible...

Shat Shat Pranam to my sai Ram