I am Usha Gnaneshwar from Bangalore. Myself and my husband are the devotees of Sri Sai Baba. My sister and her husband are also the devotees of Sai Baba. I would like to share my experience with u all devotees of sai baba.

This incident occured during May 2011 during my sister's delivery time she had to be admitted to the hospital for the labour pain on thursday evening she had the pain and the doctors said that she might deliver the baby around early hours on friday (normal delivery) but nothing happened. Even on friday also she suffered a lot of pain and doctors were going on saying we have to wait we have given the injections and tablets, we will wait.

Even though the doctors said by 4.00 pm she might deliver, we people waited upto 5.30 6.00. My sister's husband and me were very tensed at that moment even after waiting for 2 days, we were not allowed to see her inside the labour ward, after we people forced a lot once in a while they let us to speak her.

I was very tensed because as a support me and my sister had lost our parents also. Whatever it might be it was only me and my sister for each other.

I could not stay there in the hospital and it was friday so i came home took bath i chanted vishnu sahasranama and i asked lord vishnu for a safe and normal delivery.

On that night i dreamt, i prayed to Sai baba that she is a devotee of yours and to save her without any problems. As soon as i went to sleep i dreamt that the doctor who was treating my sister (Dr. Rajaneesh) Sri Sai Baba came in the same disguise of a doctor went into the labour room and checked my sister and insisted the nurse to get her to the operation theatre immediately. Until i could recover from the dream i got a phone call from my brother in law i had still not even opened my eyes and i received the call and he said that mamtu (my sister) has delivered junior sunil (my brother in law). But she could not go through normal but C-section. I thanked sai baba immediately for giving his blessings for my sister and her baby. The next day morning i asked how was she, she explained the same situation what i had dreamt at night. I was un spoke able hearing what she said.

Now the baby is named Tanuj and he is one year old healthy with babas blessings. As soon as he completed one year he had been to Shirdi with his family for 4 days.

Thank you for all the devotees for reading my experience and sharing all your experiences too.

Thanks for Sri Sai Baba.

Jai Sai Ram.