Actually my dad has constructed a house it’s a flat type of 4 houses, for each one for all this 3 sons and one for dad& mom.

We had the house warming function on 26th feb Friday. I was in a rented house, on every thrusday I used to fast and in the evening I do pooja for baba before this house warming function, ie on Thursday I did pooja for baba, I have purchased red roses for baba on that day and decorated him with full of red roses, my pooja room was with full of red colour and felt very happy & I was thinking in my mind if baba appears in red colour it will be great blessings and went to temple just opposite to my house, its temple of lord Murugan, were idol of other gods were also present in that temple, including our Sai baba, When I went to worship baba, I finished my prayers and was about to leave the temple, at that time one lady came and was cleaning the baba’s place and she was about to do pooja for baba, I waited and was watching what she was doing, she did milk bath for baba, and she was taking dress for baba, I was extremely very happy to find that the lady took red colour dress for baba, tears in my eye’s rolled down and there was no limit for my joy and happiness, Baba blessed me by wearing red colour dress on that day. I went home and told my wife about happening and she too was very happy. Baba is always with me guiding me, helping me & protecting me.