Om Sairam,

I want to tell all my experience with saibaba from march 2009 to till date, pls read it patiently. My friend named sai lakshmi only introduced saibaba to me, i was in one problem and when i told the problem to her she asked me to visit sai baba temple at mylapur. one thursday with lot of earger i went to baba temple and continuosly i started going there. my problem also solved by baba and i got what i prayed to him. I was very eager to welcome thursday and visit baba. at that time i didnt know anythnig about baba. the only thing i known was thursday is favorite day for baba. i havent missed any thursday if i have been at chennai. i went many thursday and after sometime i could not go there on thursday but i used to visit on saturday or sunday whenever it was possible. but to be honest my laziness only the reason for not visiting on thursday. at that time i dont know anything about his life history , aarathi songs etc etc. I changed my residential place to medavakkam on November 2010, very near to this place there is a baba temple at gowrivakkam, but i havent see that temple or even hear that one eventhough i crossed that way many times. The only temple i known at chennai is mylapur only. somewhat i forgot baba after Nov 2010, exactly after one year, on November 2011 i faced one very problme in my life, i was almost went to die at that time. so one thursday i planned to go to mylapur baba temple. Due to some personal work i was suppose to go to tambaram and while returning my mind oscillated that shall we go to mylapur this week or not, when this oscillation came up into my mind, i suddenly saw the arch of baba temple at gowrivakkam. i was so happy and it was a great miracle know. No one told about that temple, i didnt see even in internet. baba alone asked me to come there. why i went in tambaram road on that thursday and how i saw the temple because for past many years i was crossing that road and i didnt see baba. now only i relaised that as baba said in saisatcharitra, whereever my devotee is there i used to pull him like a thread tied in sparrow's leg. im one of the sparrow to baba. after that totally i surrendered myself to baba. i used to visit that temple everyday since it is very to my home and i attracted towards baba. one thursday feb 9 2012, my friend sailakshmi called me and asked to read saichatsaritra , that is the first time i heard that book name. actually i called her on jan 14 2012, why she should call after one month, that too on thursday and asked me to read that book. then i searched for that book at my place and i didnt get, so i downloaded that book in net and took some 10 chapters of print out, one thursday i started reading that print out, 2 days i completed through print out, so 3rd day i didnt have any material, i asked book to one brother at temple. he told that he will bring. but he didnt bring for first 2 days, on my 3rd day, when i went to temple, he directly came to me and gave that book, with tears in my eyes i started reading. baba wished me to read his story. otherwise i might on even hear about that book name. i completed that book 4 times, now reading 5th time, now too im reading with lot of interest, now too i used to leave tears when im reading some chapters. especially sholkhar's sugarless tea in 15th chapter. eventhough i loved baba very much i didnt have any thought of visitnig shirdi at that time, but that brother at temple asked me to visit shirdi. from that moment my mind was completed started thinking about shirdi visit. i searched in internet but i didnt get proper plan. one tuesday i saw one agent number at temple entrance itself, at 12 pm on tuesday i called him and enquired, he told that tonight itself we are going , can u join with us, i asked how will you arrange tickes? he said, i will give even my berth, you come, beacuse i m doing this as service, bringing people lik to baba is my wish, he added. tatkal ticket was booked for me at 2 pm on that day for night 10 o clk train. when we went to station and saw the chart, last name was my name and it got confirmed. with lot on happiness i started my journey to shirdi and we reached shirdi on thursday that too full moon day. how lucky i was. thursday, fullmoon day, shirdi, baba's dharshan. during return also he booked tatkal from shirdi and got confirmed and returned safely. no issues during the jounery. inorder to attract me to him only he gave problem to me. otherwise i may not got his much love towards baba. im not worrying about the problem, rather im enjoying my days with baba. i prayed all the god very much sometime back, but today im praying only baba, my only guru is baba only. im strongly beliving him that one day surely he will solve my problme and make me happy. for that we need patience and faith .

Jai ram.