Sai ram

“Saima took care of my daughter when she was sick by being with her”

Saima has been with our family and giving lot of blessings in all aspects of life, from small to big.

I would like to share this experience that has brought me even closer to my dear Baba. My daughter went through some major anxiety related issues and she had to be hospitalized. This happened last week on a Wednesday and she was taken to emergency and we were waiting her to get admitted to the hospital. Waiting in the emergency is very painful and my daughter was getting restless after waiting for a long time to be even transferred to a hospital. I was patiently waiting and praying to Baba and around 10pm I was asking Baba, please listen to my humble prayers and help us to find a hospital for our daughter by 11:30pm. At 11pm even before what I had asked, we were told where we can go. When I was passing by the doctor, I heard saying she will have to be admitted in that hospital after 12am. Please note that it was a Thursday and that meant a lot to me and Baba was assuring me that everything will be fine. I assured my daughter also by telling her this and gave her Baba’s photo and asked her to keep it with her and that she will be fine and will come home soon.

Couple of weeks before when I was in the temple where I go for Thursday Arathi, I had found for the first time that I could get the robe stitched for Baba in the same city where we live. When I found out, I thought in my mind that I should also get one stitched as soon as I can. Baba didn’t delay this at all, he made me find out the place and made me go to that complex and I picked the material that I first saw ( yellow cloth with flower design and a golden shawl) and gave the order to stitch it.

I had heard that there was a long wait in the temple to give the robe for Thursday. I looked at March and I had two days is mind, one was my daughter’s birthday which is falling on a Thursday and another one I thought was for the Ramanavami day celebrations which would be on the weekend . I thought whichever one was available I would go with that. When I checked in the temple they said Thursday would be available but I have to have the robe ready in order to book the slot. I got a call within 2 days saying the robe was ready and I picked it up and got the Thursday which happens to be by daughter’s birthday booked.

When my daughter fell sick, I felt that definitely Baba’s grace is on my daughter and he will be wearing the robe and will bless her. I was praying to Baba saying we all should be there on that Thursday and would like to see Baba in that robe. While she was at the hospital, I was still anxious and I was telling myself that Baba has given me these messages and I shouldn’t worry. One day before visiting her, we were looking for a place to eat. We looked at 2-3 places and we didn’t like it. Finally, we went this place and I was sitting and suddenly turned and noticed on the table next to us, there was a big vase full of sun flowers. The yellow flowers were just smiling at me and I felt that Baba made us go that place and made me look at those flowers and giving the message that everything will be alright.

Babas is so kind and always take care of his devotees. We should put all our faith and have patience. This is all we need to have. Sorry Baba, in spite of knowing that you are there with me, I still feel anxious sometimes.

My daughter is back by Baba’s grace and is doing well. I had told Baba that I would like her back by Thursday and I will write this experience in the blog. I am so happy and relieved that she is with us happy and healthy.

I also did the Satcharitra Parayan for the whole week when she was in the hospital. The temple holds the Parayan that starts after kakad Arathi and ends by Shej Arathi. I put in a special request to have the parayan and it is scheduled by Baba’s grace. How that got scheduled so quickly is also a miracle. I went on Friday afternoon and I happened to meet the lady who schedules this Parayan and I must say it is Baba’s miracle that I was there at the same time given it is a week day and in the afternoon. This tells me that Baba’s grace is on my daughter and will give her all his blessings to completely recover and will give her health and happiness

Baba, please forgive me if I missed anything.

Ananthakoti Brahmanda Nayaka Sri Rajadhi Raja Yogiraja Parabrahma Sri Satchitananda Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!