Pranams to you. I have been directed by Sai baba to write this miracle I experienced for the benefit of all Sai Devotees.

Last evening i.e 12th April 2012 ( Thursday ) at around 5 pm when I was in my office I was browsing through a book written by Ms Rachna Singh and I wanted to take notes on certain quotes which impressed and inspired me. As I was doing this my colleague and friend of mine Mr. Chandrasekhar who happened to lend this book suggested instead of taking notes I can take snaps from my iphone. I was trying to take snaps of the quote and I found my phone suddenly turning completely black and all of a sudden a glow appeared like a bright sun and there was this radiant Sai like a beautiful sunshine appeared in my phone with the words " Trust in me and your prayer shall be answered". We couldn't believe ourselves as there was no way in a scientific fashion we can explain this incident other than explaining this as Sai miracle. Both of us had goose bumps all over. Immediately I got reminded of seeing similar Sai vision in the morning as I was driving down to my office. I am an ardent devotee of Sai and have been personally experiencing his presence which I have shared with my friends and have never bothered to write down such experiences. This one was special as just half an hour before this another friend of mine who is also a Sai devotee by name Jitesh called me and mentioned that I write about the experience I had in Shirdi a month ago in the website miracles of That same evening when I narrated this incident to Swami Jagannathadasar he urged me to write this as a brief article and post this photo for the benefit of all Sai Devotees. I must mention here exactly a week before this i.e the previous thursday Swami Jagannathadasar had offered me Sai after prayers for more than a fortnight and arranged for his presence in my residence. As advised by Swami Jagannathadhasar I light the lamps morning and evening and recite ashtotharam before Sai.The whole of this week starting from that thursday I have been seeing a lot of improvements which I felt was missing during the last one year of my trying period.

To give some back ground my Ishta diety is Lord Muruga from my childhood and am also a devotee of Sri Balamuruganadimai Swamigal from Ratnagiri from whom I seek guidance whenever I am in doubt and troubled. Sai Baba started coming in to my life for the last decade or so and I started realising from then on that I was getting surrounded by a number of Sai devotees. I also started to read Saisatcharita whenever I felt I needed his blessings.Now it is my daily routine to get his message for me from Saisatcharita on a daily basis. I am also fortunate to have touched Shirdi soil thrice and have had bliss seeing the God.

Last one year had been a very trying time for me from health and personal point of view. I went through certain experiences which jolted me as I have had a fairly comfortable life in the past. As I pray to Sai I have been witnessing a number of miracles. I hv always shared this with my close friends. Recently a close friend and a colleague of mine mentioned about Swami Jagannadhasar and the benefits he derived from bringing Baba home. I was surprised as I also live in Annanagar and without wasting time gave him a call requesting a dharshan of him. I heard Om Sairam in a pleasant tone inviting me to his place the very next day. I visited Swami Jagannathadasar on 20th March 2012 ( the day I originally wanted to be in Ratnagiri as this ws the meignana day of Balamurugan adimai swamigal and could not make it due to certain reasons) and I saw Swami Jagannathadasa with a serene and majestic form reminding me of Swami Narasimha swami of mylapore sai temple. I shared my problems with him and he immediately said Sai will come to your house and solve everything. After a fortnight i.e on 4th April 2012 I was seeing Sai and Muruga everywhere and I told my friend that this vision tells me there is some message waiting for me. Believe it or not at around 7 pm I parked my car and opened the gates of my house call came from Swami Jagannathadhasar stating utharu vandhituchu (orders have come) Sai wants to come to your house tomorrow. 5th April 2012 i.e thursday it was panguni uthiram day Sai was offered to me with all prayers and he came in to my house. I now feel his presence and blessing and a lot of improvements on all fronts. Though I have been witnessing certain miraculous experiences which I never thought of putting in writing this one I believe was ordered by Sai to do so. Sai baba through Swami Jagannathadhasar has been passing his blessings to all those who seek him and I am sure he will also make sure a great Sai temple arises in Annanagar and his blessings are showered on everyone without any discrimination.