After a day of hectic office work & client meetings, me & my wife were returning back home in the evening when we decided to halt to have some snacks.

A poor lady approached us for alms. I did not attend to her needs & pretended to talk on the mobile phone. When she repeatedly asked, in a fist of anger i shooed her away, but she persisted. I then rudely asked her, what she wanted? She replied that she needed money to buy food. Though I offered to buy her some food, i ended up giving her Rs. 2.

The same evening, i had a brief discussion with my client about hisexperiences of Sai Baba miracles & Sai book of questions and answers. Later, when i was randomly Google searching on my mobile phone, out of the blue, (without typing the letter 'S' in the search column) appeared a list of search items starting from 'SAI BABA QUESTIONS + ANSWERS', etc.. i was completely taken aback & thought to myself that he is leading me to something. I sincerely followed his divine instruction. As i scrolled down in quick succession, my mind asked me to stop. And wonder of wonders, this paragraph of Chapter No. 18 & 19 appeared on my mobile screen. "Shri Hari(God) will certainly be pleased, if you give water to the thirsty, bread to the hungry, clothes to the naked and your verandah to strangers for resting. If anybody wants money from you & you are not inclined to give, do not bark at him like a dog."

This miracle shook me up and i realized that this is a crystal clear message from Sai Baba - Love all, Serve all.

Very next day, with baba's grace another miracle followed....