Baba Miracle From Panjam Vineep Reddy, Thailand

I salute my Sincere "Namaskara's to my Sadguru!! Shri Parabrahma Sachidananda Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

I live in Thailand, I have been a devotee of Baba since 1994 but I only started to worship Baba whole heartedly since 5 years. My devotion grew every time I had a miracle but I thought some times it was a coincidence and some times I thought it was our Sai Ram Blessings. But now, everything that happens in my life is Baba blessings. Like Baba says "not even a leaf can move without my permission" I very strongly believe in these words and I always worship Baba as ParaBrahma, Vishnu and Parameshwara (Creator, Destroyer and Preserver of this Universe).

I have had lot of Miracles so far but I would like to share my recent Miracle which took place just 2-3 months ago.

I was working on some of my own projects and I lost one deal as it was taken away by some one else (Guess through my known associates). I was very disappointed with this news as I with others (friends) worked very hard and we were at the edge of breaking the deal when we lost it. Feeling dejected, I thought about Baba and felt why everything comes very close and then goes goes away . Feeling comfort within Baba and praying to Baba, I again started to be positive and thought one day I will strike a deal. But after some days as things were still not moving as expected, I Standing in front of Baba (in our Pooja Room) worshiped!! Oh Sai Ram, I feel very pessimistic now can you please create some positive energy in me? Or perhaps can you appear in my Dream or in any form and give me some hope. Then after few days, this is what happened.

It was early morning around 7 am and I had to drop off both my daughters at school. My First Daughter at Kindergarten (3 years and 2 months of age)my Second daughter (1year and 2 months of age) at Day care. I decided to walk that day as the Day Care was just across the other side of the road and my First daughter was still getting dressed. As I began walking, I just passed a Convenient store and then I heard my Daughter saying something, I couldn't understand as she speaks only 1 or 2 words for her age and which are not very clear. Then she started to feel happy and excited moving her legs and her body. I stopped and just saw towards my left side, there stood a Big Black Dog (it had mud all over it's body and it's body was wet with a thick Shining Black Hair) I was shocked to see it and I had never seen it before. I live in this area from the last one year and I know the surroundings of our area too. There are only few stray dogs and the rest are owned by owners and they usually have Tags around the neck. I was a little scared thinking what if it bites me? Then after a minute I stared to walk again. My daughter was very happy seeing the dog walking with us. The dog followed me by walking just next to me and every one in the street were just looking at us thinking I had a new pet. As I walked into the compound of my Daughter's Day Care Center the Dog also walked in and started running inside the compound from left to right. The kids in the Nursery were also excited seeing this big dog and they were jumping and making loud noise with excitement, seeing this scene the School Principal asked me curiously if it was mine. I said nope, it just followed me. After dropping off my daughter inside, I waited to see if the dog might go away, but it didn't. It was waiting for me outside as if it was own my pet. Then I started to have a strange feeling, is this from Baba or Baba himself in the form of a Dog?? Has Baba sent it to give me a positive hope? Thinking in this manner, I started to walk back home. The Dog just walked next to me in a much disciplined way as if it was a trained Dog. As I was reaching my House, people around started to ask me if it was my Dog, I said nope, it just appeared from some where. While it was walking with me, I had a very positive feeling and I was very happy. I just can't express that feeling. The Dog looked very Majestic, at the same time it looked very friend as well. It had a Big Head and the foot was really big but from it's teeth I could make out that it was just 1 year old. It had a very Vibrant Voice and the Bark of it was very loud and powerful.

My wife is not a fan of dog's, she thinks to have a dog we really need a big house and it needs a lot of care. Thinking that she would say something negative, I again stopped and waited for few minutes hoping that the dog would leave. But it just sat down next to me and every one was watching the whole scene. So I thought, if Baba is giving me then why shouldnít I take care? Thinking in this way, I reached home. As I stepped into the compound it ran from one end to other end chasing some birds and cats on neighborhood. I wanted to tell my wife about the Dog, just then my wife said, if you want to take care then I donít mind but please get a vaccine. I was amazed by my wife's speech and I thought Baba also changed my wifeís mind, and then my happiness knew no bounds. My First daughter is normally scared of Dogs, at first she was scared too but later she came outside and started talking to it. I said to my wife, please bring some food, looks like it's hungry. I gave some bread, it just smelled and left it. Then my wife gave some Sausages and it ate happily wagging its long and hairy tail. My wife asked me to go and drop my First Daughter in school as she was heading to a Temple. I told both my wife and the Nanny (care taker at home) to take care of the Dog until I return as I wanted to buy a Dog house. While driving my Daughter to the school I was so happy that I got a Pet from Baba and my Daughter also wanted to keep the dog at home and she was also very excited. I dropped my daughter and returned back home. When I did not see the Dog in the compound, I thought it would have been on the other side of the wall as we have a small garden. But just then our Nanny told me that it stayed for a while and went away. Hearing this, I was very disappointed and ran towards the entrance of our Housing Village and asked the Security in there if they had seen the Black Dog, they replied yes we did and it ran away outside.

Until today, we never found it again. My wife lives in this area since 10-12 years and she had never seen this Dog and even the Security Guards and the other neighbors had never seen it before.

Who else it could it be?? Feeling sad that the Dog went away, we thought it's okay, at least we were lucky enough to feed it once. After some days, while I was reading "Sai Satcharita" in one of the chapters or while reading an articles of Baba Intimate Devotees, I read this following Story but donít remember it quite well, a Staunch Devotee of Baba (During the days of Baba) while taking lunch invites Baba to come and have lunch with him. Just then a Big Black dog covered with some mud and wet all over its body comes and barks outside his house, he then offers it food and feels happy about it. It was none other than "Shri Sai Baba". Then it striked my mind that the Black Dog which came to me was none other than Baba himself in form of a Dog. I felt very happy again and blessed and thanked Baba for fulfilling my wish.

Every day at least once I think about this incident and feel very happy and confident that Baba listens to our Prayers. After this incident, I visited shiridi. Now things started to turn positive for me.

Please keep your Faith and Patience at Baba's Feet, rest is taken care by Baba. Do not loose hope or give up on our Beloved Sai Baba as he is the Protector of this Universe.

Jai Sai Ram....