I give me immense pleasure to share my experience.

I have been married since 6 years and I always wanted to own my home but somehow it does not happen. As I love my best friend Baba, I used to search for articles on HIM to get peace of mind. One day, I found Sai Vrath katha on following link:


I prayed to baba that I will fast for 9 thursday according to this book. On my 7th Thursday my home was booked in India. I cried so much and I don't know why......I just felt like thanking him and does not know how to do it.
I know in Sai Sachitra Baba always say not to Fast and hence in this Fast You have eat something. You can't remain empty stomach. But believe me this Fast fullfilled all my wishes and I always feel like Baba is with me.

As baba has said that he creates the atomosphere what he wishes. Same thing happened with me.
I have been in Australia since 5 years now and always keen to go back to India and settle there. But my husband applied for permanent residency inspite of me asking him not to do. Later we got permanent residency even then I wanted to go back and we became eligible for citizenship. I thought ok we will have citizenship and go back to india. I prayed to Baba that I will do 21 Sai Vrat and my husband or me should get a job in INDIA.

You won't believe on my 21st thursday of sai vrat Baba booked Land in Australia. Whatever he wishes he makes it happen and creates atmosphere.
I would really like to thank him for all the blessing he has given me all these years. I have become closer to HIM after coming to Australia. I feel HE is always there blessing me at each and every step.

Sai please bless all your devotees like you have blessed me.

Om Sai Ram