Hello Sai Bhaktas,

I am here to continue the miracle of yesterday, the mahasamdhi day of baba. In my old post i wrote how all my plans of lalitha sahasranama parayanam, my prasada and visit to the temple went down hill and how sad and dejected i got, i also asked all my fellow sai bhaktas, my brothers and sisters to pary to baba to accept me and love me.

Shortly after i worte my sad lore. I got a call from my husband, he said, "why did u ping me twice? what is the matter? sorry i could not reply then, i was busy." I told him it was nothing. he said, "there is something you are not telling me, something is wrong, tell me, come on i know you want to". So I told him all that happened and Started crying. He said, it is alright, don't worry too much about it, we will go in the evening. I told him, "Baba does not want to see me, i am never going to temple again". so he said, "ok you dont go, but won't you take me?". I could not say no to him, i said, i would take him that evening for babas night aarti. I also recieved an E-mail from miracles of sai website, sating "Don't worry too much and never think baba does not love you. You will shortly experience a miracle as a double bonus.". I repleid thanking them for the timly console and said that i was not expecting miracles, just love and acceptance from baba.

Then I was considerably calm and sat silently without thinking too much. Then these thoughts arose in my mind. My husband who always refused to come with me to the temple said, "won't you take me?". After he came home that evening, came with me to the temple, we went and prayed near baba and were walking to a corner to sit till the aarti starts. A man who works at the temple came specially to my husband and said, please wait do not go now, sit here, baba's aarti will start shortly. We sat down, watched garba dance and sang baba's aarti. we ate good prasad at the temple, had wonderful darshan of baba and came back home.

I was convinced after all that happned that day was baba's way to get my husband to the temple. Baba knew unless i cried, he would not go to the temple. So all the dejecting experiences took place in the moring, so that we both could go in the eveing to temple to be a part of baba's wonderful shejaarti. I was choking with emotion during aarti time. I really wanted to cry and dance in front of baba. I had to try too hard to control my emotions.

My husband told me after we returned home, "See, god works in mysterious ways. I never came with you to the temple even though you asked me to go so many times. You had to cry for me to get there. Now do you understand why god did all that he did?". They were my thoughts exactly.

How do i describe my merciful mother sai. As hemadpanth says "sai ma piches his children and makes them cry, once they start weeping, hugs them to the bosom and consoles them with love." Baba, I am blessed to have known you through the sai satcharitra. You work in so many way and you pull so many different strings to make my life the way it is. Sometimes i doubt if i am worht all the love you give me. Baba, can't thank you enough for you make my life so wonderful. Please always bless me like this, Never leave my side. Show me the path of my life, so that i can get more closer to you. Bless everyone with you grace.

I want to thank Hemadpanthji for the amrutha of sai satcharitra, which shows us baba, we poor people, who did not have the good luck to see him when he was in his body form. I would also want to wish Miracles of sai website all the very best and thank them as they are carrying the beconing tortch of Hemadpantji with new sai miracles.

Jai sai ram... teri leela apram paar.

Shri satchidanada sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai. Sai ma ki jai,