I am a Sai devotee, and was only intoduced to Baba in 2004. My life turned around after that. I found not only peace, happiness, warmth, love and success in life...but I found the very purpose of my birth at His lotus feet.

I guess all Sai devotees have experienced Baba's micracles in one form or another. I too have. This miracle I am going to relate has only been shared with some of my most intimate friends.

In was in August of 2006, when I made my first pilgrimage to Shridi. I am from Malaysia, and I was travelling with 17 other friends and fellow Sai devotees. Before the trip, I read the Sai Charitra, and humbly begged Baba to give me his darshan in Shridi.

In August 2006, my group left KLIA by direct flight to Mumbai. There we had a bus waiting to take us to Shridi. It was a night journey by bus from Mumbai to Shridi. s everyone was tired, they slept. I alone couldn't sleep. Each time I looked out the window, I saw Baba's a sticker on a car, bus or something like that. I smiled as I thought it was Baba saying I am with you all the you darshan. I thanked him in my heart. But something else was awaiting...

In was around 8am when we reached Shridi. After checking into the hotel, I went along with 2 other ladies to make a call back inform those at home of our safe arrival. As I was awaiting my turn at the telephone booth, I suddenly felt a presence. I turned around, and there was this old man, wearing white robes, looking like Baba in his potraits, holding out a begging bowl. He didn't utter a word...just smiled. I was stunned..and could not speak or move. It was his eyes..they were magical. Words can't describe them or what I felt. Automatically I dropped whatever money I held in my hand into that begging bowl. Tears were streaming down my eyes uncontrolably.

He smiled, raised his hands in blessing...and I immediately felt a load of burdens being lifted from me. Any heaviness, burdens in my heart just vanished. Then within minutes he just vanished. My friends who were with me were unable to see him. But from that day onwards, my worldly life has been blessed, and I am making progress in my spiritual life.

Thanks to Baba.
Barathi Ramalingam