~~~ Sai Baba's Miracle in Shirdi ~~~Roshni Gorakh Suryawanshi recovered her Lost Vision after Saibaba's Darshan at Shirdi

Shirdi - 14th Sept`2009
Miracle - Girl recovers Lost Vision after Saibaba's Darshan on Sunday 13th Sept`2009 at Shirdi.

Roshni Gorakh Suryawanshi (9yrs old) had lost her vision for un-known reasons and for treatment had come to the Super-speciality hospital at Shirdi, accompanied by her Grandparents. Being Sunday, they were much eager to have Saibaba's divine Darshan. So, alongwith her family, Roshni went to Baba's Temple and soon after the darshan, she Recovered her Lost Vision.

This news spread like a storm and within minutes people gathered at the site in masses. People thronged to the Samadhi Mandir premises to have a glimpse of the said 9yr old girl hailing from Brahminpada, Malegaon.

Photographer's & Reporters reached the security office to enquire about the authenticity of the incident. They made a complete enquiry by checking all the Medical Records of Roshni and also came across a reference letter by Dr.Deshpande of Malegaon along with Roshi's C.T.Scan report. This letter was issued by Dr.Girish Rao. The authorities of the Security department had a Telephonic conversation with Dr.Deshpande who confirmed that Roshni Suryawanshi had actually lost her Vision.

He had mentioned that she had a normal vision but suddenly lost it for unknown reasons. Fortunately this girl got her vision back as soon as she came out of the Mandir after Baba's Darshan.

Source - Sai Devotee Rahul Chitkara (South Asia).