Om Sairam everyone

When we talk or read about Baba's Leelas from everywhere around the world, it gives devotees such wonderful goose bumps. I am from South Africa and have experieced Babas leelas many years ago but recently an amazing miracle happened. My friend's daughter came of agew and they had a coming opf age prayer at their home. My family and I attended the prayer and my wife part took of some rituals. They gave little gifts to the ladies as tokens of appreciation for their offerings. My wife was fortunate enough to have received a little key ring type Ganesha on a sloid perspex frame. My daughters took the Ganesha and placed it in our Shrine at home. The next morning we noticed that the Ganesha frame has whitish vibutthi on it. On some sweets that were left for Baba by a Muslim devotee, here was brownish Udhi. Baba knows His devotees and comes to us no matter where in the world we may be.
Jai Shri Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai