This is aruna. I am one of the sai devotee.I am just wondering which miracle i should write.I Really 

don't have any words to praise the lord shirdi saibaba.I Experianced myself sai miracles in my 

life.I wil keep my experiances here for all of you to know as i promised to saibaba. 

1)When i was in 10th standard(1996) i had doubt whether i pass or not in public examination. I 

started praying sai everyday internally in my heart and i told to sai if i pass this exam i wil 

remember/chant your name everyday 200 times. Finally i passed the exam by sai's grace but later i 

could not remember sai in busy life schedule(college hours) 

2)When i was in plus two(1998) standard again i had doubt whether i pass in the public exam or not, 

i wrote my exam worst, i didn't have any hopes to pass the exam. i was in tension, that time one day 

one guru came to my home(he looks like shirdi sai baba only) , he came from shirdi, he asked me to 

donate some money 5 rs or 10 rs like that.and immediately he asked me how many brothers and sister 

you have? i told him we are only two sisters, i am elder one and i have one younger sister. He told 

immediately one girl wil become doctor in your home. After that he took my hand (palm) and told that 

your worrying about the exams, you no need to worry,sai is there, definately you will pass the exam. 

and you wil get one government employee has a husband, and u will have more property in your in law 

place than parents place.and you wil stay in big city and u will become a manager for one big 

company and he told you wil face health problems 3 times and baba wil save you from them .Later he 

gave me one pen to write the name for donation on book, with that pen i wrote my fathers name and 

amount some 5 rs or 10 rs( i didn't remember exactly), and i was thinking about the words what he 

(guru) told.Later he moved to my opposite neighbours house they are relative of mine, and he was 

saying something to them you wil give the birth to two baby boys.Actually they got married in 1988 

but they didn't have kids.Then he moved out from that place and he forgot the pen,and i also forgot 

to give the pen to guru.I kept the pen with me only near saibaba photo but after 2 yrs i didn't see 

the pen near the photo i don't know how it was missed. 

As that guru said i passed exam , i remembered sai everyday for every minute and i red sai chalisa 

24 times per day.Every day i lit the lamp and i prayed baba and i was reading sai telugu masapatrika 

(andhrabhoomi in which they publish sai stories and devotee experiances) and i promised sai if passed 

in this exam i wil keep my experiance also in this.After one year again i stoped doing 
pooja because of my health problems. just i remembered sai in my heart.As sai told my sister got 

good rank in EAMCET in 2002 and she joined in MBBS and my opposite neighbours blessed with a baby 

boy after 10 yrs of their marriage .later i totally forgot to remember sai. weekly once i remembered 

sai and i started slowly diverting from baba as it is a human psychology. 

3) As guru said baba saved me from my helath problem. When i was in graduation i was suffering from 

anemia, i had 20% Himoglobin in my body, my heart became week and my body was swelled with water ,i 

visited one family doctor immediately he reffered me to one corporate hospital why because my 

condition was severe. There doctors treated me and they told if you delay it for 1 or 2 days she wil 

die . I admitted in the hospital that day night and they gave one injection to me, actually that 

they had to check sample but accidentally without checking sample they injected, one of my uncle saw 

that and he was praying sai that whole night to not happen any arm with that injection .Luckily 

didn't happen anything. Nextday doctors came and they did tests and the test results were normal. 

But they didn't understand what is happening in my body. Why my himoglobin got to 20%, they are in 

dilama, They injected blood from donors and after one week i was fine, that time my amma prayed sai 

and she promised sai to keep shalwa. So sai saved me from that situation. 

As per guru said i am living in USA(cann't imagine) after my marriage(2006).Sai saved me in 
difficulties,but i broke my oath to remember sai as i told to sai to remember 200 times and everyday 

pooja.,but i realized for my mistake and i convey my sincere apologies to baba and i also promised 

that i will never repeat this type of behaviour again . Now i am praying everyday and litting lamps 

everyday , now i totally surrenders to sai.That guru is our sadguru sai only. 

The more you believe sai, the closer you feel sai natha to you. I know sai can never be upset with 
his kids.baba will never leave his kids. baba is in you and all , even in them who don't believe 

him. baba is universal mother , the kartha , karma and kriya. he is witness to all of our actions. 

so brother, believe sai, once you have unshakable faith on sai baba, you will never feel down, 

beacuse, failure or success are baba blessings to us. have faith on baba, your faith should be 

beyond all these failures and success, that is call "surrender to baba".faith can move mountains. 

have confidence in yourself, beacuse it is baba sai in you. develop this belief. baba will be with 

you. baba is with you.baba is our faith. that is why baba asks dakshina of "shradha and Saburi" 

offer yourself to baba. rest sai will take care. beacuse you are baba's responsibility. 
om srisairam gurudevadatta