Jai Sai Ram 
I would like to share one of my experience with all of you and would like to tell that Sai Baba is always with his devotees. 

It was the year 2007, one of the difficult phases of my life. I was going through lot of difficulties in all aspects (Financial, emotional) . It was that bad that I went into depression. But I always prayed to Sai baba, I knew he was with me but probably was upset with me. 
Nothing was going right; I was trying very hard for everything to be normal. I was trying to get a job which I use to get very fast but was not getting it now. 
I use to tell my husband that I wish to go to Shirdi.My Husband was not a strong believer of any God. 
But during this phase in our life he actually came across a person who use to work under him and he opened my husbandís eyes. My husband actually started believing that there is God. For me it was like God himself came in that friends form .He enlightened my husbandís eyes towards God. I canít express how it was for me. 

The things were actually not moving in right direction for us. One day I told my husband that till the time we donít go to Shirdi and take Sai Babaís blessing nothing will work. I was after him that lets go to Shirdi. But due to financial problems he was not able to book the tickets. One fine day he managed to book the tickets through a credit card which was never used before. Our tickets were booked two months advance. My husband told me that the booking has been done so we can go but we have no money for staying and food etc.I just told him that since Baba wants us to come to him, he will only take out a way. 

The time was coming near for us to leave for Shirdi but we had no clue about money. My husband was repeatedly telling that he should get the tickets cancelled but even the tickets could not be cancelled since it was purchased on credit card. Just a day before our travel, my mother came up to me and gave me Rs.5000/- and said that go and do Sai Babaís Darshan and seek his blessing and everything will be fine. 

Finally the day came & I was very excited to go to Shirdi.We sat in the train and as the train left, we were trying to make ourselves comfortable and our mobile rings and it was my husbandís friend who had opened his eyes toward God. He told us that since you are going to Shirdi you are leaving all your problems and troubles behind and all your sorrows are fading away and once you will be back every thing will be alright. 

This is not all, even in Shirdi we saw Babaís kind heart and felt his presence. 

The day we reached was Wednesday & on Thursdayís Babaís palaki comes out and there is a lot of dance and prayers. I wanted to take the Darshan of Baba on the Palaki.But due to lot of people and suffocation around me and my daughter could not stand for long. And the Palaki was about to come out of Dwarakamai.My husband pulled us out of the crowd since my daughter started crying in the crowd and took us near a building adjoining to dwarakamai and climbed the stair there .There was a cement wall and little openings in it through which we could see out. But we were not able to see the exact place from where the Palaki had to come, so I was very disappointed and hurt. I thought that Baba doesnít want me to have his darshans.But my Baba could not see her daughter being hurt. All of a sudden there was a lot of noise and everybody was singing Babaís name. We were still standing at that place and struggling very hard to see baba.I was standing behind my husband and I saw Babaís picture in the palaki and Baba was actually facing us . We three of us saw and took his blessing and I so thrilled and happy that started crying like anything. I was Thanking Baba for everything. I have no words to express how I felt. Then we went to the temple for evening Aarti. As we were waiting in the hall, we saw Babaís Palaki coming in and was kept right in front of my eyes. I was just thanking Baba for all this and my tears just wouldnít stop. 

Our trip to Shirdi was very nice. We came back to Delhi and as said all our problems were going away. I finally got a nice job. And everything started getting alright slowly. When ever I have any problem or I am confused about something I just ask Baba and I get the reply in some or the other way. 

Jai Sai Nath 

Sonia Duneja