I was travelling with my Parents from Bombay to Shridi in a Buson Tuesday 24th June 08 . I don't sleep while traveling because of fear of accidents.I would like to add the reason of fear ,it is beacause I had an accident allmost 15 Years ago when I was traveling in a Bus.

That night I slept in the Bus and suddenly I opended my eyes as I felt that Baba was right there in all white costumes. I can't say weather it was real or my illusion but I felt that he was there to save us.The Bus was stopped as there was an accident and the road was blocked.I felt that Baba has saved us and then he made me realisied that he will save us weather we are sleeping or awake.We had great Darshan of Baba in Shirdi.

Om Shri Sai Nath
Best regards
Kalpana Sharma