All we all heard and saw the miracle of baba..But never Expected that it happens to me so Quicky. I want to share this immaculate thing. I have started Sai Saccharita Saptaha, last week and finished Today.. I was overwhelmed wid sai leelas and continously Chanting Amirtvani,, Along wid saccharita, My Mom brought sweet box and we have a habit of giving 2 pedas to baba after completing each day of parayanam today in the Box 7 Sweets were remaining My mom kept that whole sweet box we lit candle to baba along wid agar batti aftercompleting my Saptaha s 35 Chapter, I made mangalarati, Wheni ws about to give peda to my mom , the peda sweet which i picked up was little peace Eaten By our Baba -ji. Really My hands were shaking to write this mail. And i asked my mom weather she disturbed box while keeping my mom shanta Replied " No all Peda s were Fresh,.I was tongue stuck and started Crying so deeeply and loudly Saying : Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.."My joy has no bounds, Now im facing so much trouble of Project work in my office Baba has came and Eaten this Peda.. My words fell short... and im fully emotionally Blocked with his devotion, 

My Mom advissed me all ur Sankastas have come to an end, Becaus of ur pure Devotion baba has accepted ur prasadam 

Dear Devotttes,, Shortly i will LOAD the photo of that peda that baba-ji has taken i have captured it in my Cell phone, 

Ok My boss is calling im in office ,,, Just cant know wat to write Beacuse this is Miraculous Thursday For me. 

"Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai" 
Let he be all with his Devotees,,,, ,,,, 

Bow To sai Peace to all