Shirdi Sai Baba As Wirepuller From Seven Seas Across 

Sai Devotee Ravi experience of Sai brother Raviji. 

Hi Sai Devottees!!! I want to tell my story how Sainath played His leelas in my life. My entire family is very religious and Sai devotes. I live abroad and everytime I go home they take me to Shirdi. Whenever I used to go it used to be just like some other temple. I was religious but once I spent more time abroad I started forgetting everything. Recently I was reminded about this by sainath. 

Last year there were many up and downs in my life. I used to sort one thing out and other things used to come up. It seemed problems were lined in queue. The worst thing happened was this year and I was very upset. I decided to go to India for break, everything was decided in 2-3 days. I have never taken any decision like this before. So I went to India and didnít tell my parents. Now see the first miracle. My place is 5 hrs from Mumbai. As soon as I reached Mumbai airport than I called my parents and told them I am here, they were surprised and told me that they are on their way to Shirdi and asked me to come over. I was bit disturbed so I told them I will go home and take rest. They were all right with that but donít know what happened I called them and said I will join them in Shirdi. 

I had no idea how to go there and it was late night around 2 am. I asked police officer and they directed me to go to Dadar. I went there but could not figure out about bus services. I saw some taxi drivers and asked them, they started quoting me very high prices and they were able to figure out I have come from aboard. I decided to wait for morning and then catch a bus or something like that. There was one guy sitting near taxi stand, as a last effort I asked him. He quickly called an old man (dressed in white, muslim with white cap, white beard). Old man quickly in may be 15 minuted arranged a taxi for me for 1500 rupees which was very cheap and asked 500 rupees for himself and rest pay to driver. I sat in taxi and first thing I saw was Sai Baba idol. Driver introduced himself and was very kind and courteous. He asked me to take rest and will wake me up when we reach the destination. During the journey he stopped couple of times, paid for my tea and in morning some snacks. I donít know how he knew I didnít have Indian rupees. He even offered me his cellphone to use to call my parents. Till that time didnít know that was all Sai leelas. As soon as I reached Shirdi I tried to call my parents but they didnít pick up. I called my sister and she advised to take darshan first and then contact them. I took Babaís darshan but didnít had that faith as I have now. As soon as I finished my darshan I found my parents. 

When I told my Sister, she said that what Baba wanted to meet Him first then parents. When I narrated this to my sister, she was sure old guy who arranged taxi was no other than Sai Baba. 
So from this I can relate two things from Satcharita. Baba is wirepuller and can pull His devotes from seven seas across and also makes arrangement for His darshan. 
Now after this I went back overseas, there were still some problems, which were not resolved. My sister asked me to read Sai Satcharitra. First time I read it and couldnít understand. Then I started watching Sai Baba serial and reading stories online. Then again I started reading Satcharitra. I resolved in my mind I will read 7 times. It took me long time. After 5 th or 6 th time, I asked Baba to get me a job along with my business and I wanted to be busy. Out of nowhere I got call from my old manager, she wanted to patch up. I told her that I was looking for job and within 2 weeks I got job. Although I had very good experience I was not getting any job. So I think it was Sai leela. Then I had a relationship issue, which seem to be getting better by Babaís grace its not resolved yet but have faith in Baba, Who will help me. 

So I think faith and patience (I didnít had before) is very important in life. I will post some more stories once my other problems are resolved. 

Jai Sainath.