It was Baba-Experience of Sai Devotee Srilalitha . 
Sai devotee Srilalitha Experience 
.Jai Sai Ram. 
When we migrated and came to Sydney, our elder daughter had finished her year 12 in India. She came out with excellent grades in CBSE in India. When we started applying for her University studies after coming here, we were little bit taken aback as there was no communication from any University regarding her admission. We were very much confused as she had already lost 6 months of academics since we moved to Australia. 

It was the month of December and all Universities in Sydney had Open day on 3rd January and we were planning to go to all Universities and find out the situation. Since we were very new to Sydney as well as we did not have car to go to any temple on 1st of January we were feeling very dull. With the same mood we left for the University Open day and unsure about her admissions. 

We took a train to Central, got out taking the wrong exit and did not know how to get to the railway square. (This was our first month is Sydney). 

I went to an old man who was nearby and asked him how to go to George street. The minute I asked him, he turned back and looked at us said 
Oh you want to go to George street, wait I will tell you and he took hold of my hands and started saying Happy New Year to you, Wish You all the Best, Whatever you wish for will come true in this year  
and so on and then he finally also told us how to get to our destination. I was taken aback when a stranger spoke to us like this. 

After some time I forgot all about this incident and went to Sydney Uni and after a long day going around to different departments we finally found out from the International Office that there was no problem for her admissions to Engineering course, as she had secured good percentage in her CBSE from India. We felt greatly relieved reached back home tired and exhausted. 

The same day night the old man who we met at Central appeared in my dreams and within few seconds Baba appeared in my dreams and this kept happening many times to indicate something to me. I got up suddenly and only then thought about the whole incident and it struck to me that the old man should have been no one else, but dear Baba Himself. I can never forget this experience in my life. 

Srilalitha Suresh, Sydney