I would like to share my Experience. On one thursday I felt that today I should make Rava Halwa (Sweet) and take it to SAI temple and distribute. When I saw I had very less amount of Rava in my home. I felt bad. I thought may be I will make it from Wheat but then again I thought if first thought was of Rava, I should make Rava Halwa only. 

I made it and went to Sai Temple. When I reached there and told pujari about my Prasad they said you can't distribute it here as it is home made and due to health and safety policy we won't allow. I was very upset but I thought that Sai actually helped me as my Rava halwa was less in quantity and it will not be wasted. 

Then to my surprise I met my friend and she asked me about the Prashad I was holding. I told her that I am upset as I was unable to distrubute it. She said let me have some. As I opened my box, all the devotees from the temple came to me asking for Prashad and my Prashad was distributed within minutes. 
I felt so happy that tears flowed through my eyes. Really baba fulfills all your wishes.