my name is hari.i had many expereinces of baba blessings....which canot be expressed in words..but i would like to share one of my my age of 17 i loved a girl,her name was akshara. we both were loving each other from past 4 years..she was in hostel.and in hostle der wer no phones alowed...but she maintained the cell so carefully and we used to talk regularly in night time with the blessings of baba..but once her cell was caught to varden and shevarden said dat she would infom to her the factwas dat her parents doesnt know dat she was maintaining cell. wen i came to know this news...i with tears in my eyes went to baba and prayedto ...sincerely dat noyhing should happen wrong...i did not get cal from her upto 2 days..i was very sad but on the third day igot a cal from the blessing of baba..saying dat nothing had hapened and somehow she was able to saying dat tshe has taken the cel from her friends father who came to visit her daughter...luckily dat uncle said that he owned cell and he himself gave for akshara to speak...varden belived and everything went rite...this was my pleseant expereince with baba..i promised baba dat i wil be sincere from all activities...but unfortunately i couldnt keep my promise..and after some days she was caught wen using cell...and due to parents pressure and mis language of me forced her to tell me " i hate u" but...iam sincere towards her...and i hav hanged and more over i hav blessings of baba....with me...and i strongly belive dat she wil again cal me...and once again we both talk hapily..and be like lovebirds very very soon with blessings of baba...and i wil post that miracle too...very soon....ALLAH MALIK