Dear ,

Let me tell you how I became the devotee of Baba. I know Baba, I use to visit his temples like all other gods, but not any particular love.but we had baba's photo in our pooja mandir along with other gods. when ever I get some problem, I just sit in mandir and pray with tears.

I suffered from a serious problem, which I cannot disclose here as it was very very personal.but my situation was life and death. I spend two days alone in a room simply crying.But I wanna do something, I wanna forget what happened and to come out form those thoughts.I tried and tried but could not succeed. After two days, I got up, and went to mandir and lighten diyas and prayed with tears I beg for confidence in me. Then that night I got a dream, in which,I was driving a two wheeler with around 120km/h speed.then all of a sudden bike got skipped and I flew in air about 10 storied building height and was falling down.

Crowd watching me came to conclusion that I will die when my head hits the ground. Even I was sacred,but when I touched the ground nothing happened...people around me taken aback including me. then a voice said " Dwarakamai saved u from evil.Dwarakamai saved you from evil..." like that.............

that was the dream , the next moment on wards, I forget everything, I was so happy, I was so fresh.even now am feeling that freshness again while typing this.

My baba moved by my tears so he helped me to become normal. that's the minute, I started worshipping he is my soul, my blood,I love him so much and he loves me too..

from that day, many miracles happened,will mail you one by one