I m Taruna Kumar .I live in U.K.I want to share a beautiful experience with u.My husband Gaurav works in Govt Grant Office.An opportunity for assistant manager arose in his company.He applied for the same. Fortunately he was called for interview on wednesday. His interview went well.The decision was going to get announced next day.It was thursday,my husband was off on tht day. When he went on friday ,he was very nervous .He found out no decison was made till then coz there was complaint against him by customer. 
He was quite shocked to discover since he performs his job well & very carefully.Everybody in his office looked at him differently which made him feel very uncomfortable.He did not know in detail wht was the complaint ,he was very scared for his job,leave alone his promotion.I was very worried coz it was one opportunity after 1 yr for which Gaurav was strong candidate. He is Msc in Information Technology and ve been applying for IT jobs since 1 yr but no replies.I prayed to Saibaba to please help ,my mind was going against Saibaba coz i ve been praying for it very sincerely .THEN A MESSAGE CAME TO ME AS IF SAIBABA WAS SPEAKING TO ME " WHY TEST SAIBABA,WAIT AND C WHAT HAPPENS". 
Tht very moment i felt something which touched my soul. 
I suddenly became very positive ,confident no matter wht Saibaba will help Gaurav to get promoted.Yes ! it was strong enough to make an insecure ,negative person like me to become confident with no trace of doubt.Things as they came into light in few days were difficult to face .His reputation in office was getting affected bcoz some managers were taking advantage of the situation ,but with Saibaba's grace a very senior head of the company apologised to Gaurav tht the complaint was not logical ,he was not to be dragged into more issues.The enviornment of our house had been very tensed during the whole time.Then Gaurav's manager went on 3 week leave to enjoy his holiday in Spain. 
Yesterday his manager came back .It was coincidently my birthday too.In late evening Gaurav got a call from his office that he has been selected the assistant manager.I was very excited & happy that SAIBABA kept his words & gave the wonderful gift on my My birthday.Its the first time i experienced such strong prescence of Saibaba which gave me a positive attitude & i gained so much confidence .I m thankful to SAIBABA for not only helping Gaurav to get promoted for which he worked so hard, But helping me as a person to have strong faith in HIM and improve my attitude towards life. 
I ve experienced SAIBABA'S miracles before but i promised myself i will share this one with everyone.I owe great thanks to Saibaba 
for eveything he does for us.I Pray to Saibaba to always bless us !