Sai Graced me his presence and listend to my song...!! 

I am having a habit of writing songs on saibaba and singing it ,.last night when im returning from workplace my cab driver knows that im a lyricst and singer also he requested me to sing a song in which i rendered my compostion ,he filled his eyes wid tears, and the very next day few of our colleagues came in that cab and again they came to know that iam a singer and requested a fine song of baba from me, in which i rendered the same song which i rendered last night, and everyone was happy one person gifted me baba s wall paper in Cell phone via his blue tooth, that photo with blue backdrop was so attaractive i took this picture gracefully into my cell phone that photo of baba exactly similar with the face of my father , in which i lost him 11 years ago. I cant express his grace and kindness engrossed with tenderness towards his devotees. See Baba came to know that i love my father more than any body in the world and he came in the form of Wallpaper through cell phone, 
there are millions of sai photos,, my astonishing thing is what made my friend to give me that particular photo of baba which his face exactly similar to my father s face??? all his Leela.. 

Samartha Sadguru Sainatha Maharaj ki