i have been to shirdi when i was young and i thought Baba was yet another god.But after nearly a decade when i was pregnant with my first child i visited the Bhairava Sai temple in madipakkam,chennai. somehow i found myself attracted to this living God. 
On the day of my son's birth there came a knocxk at the hospital room and there stood a young boy who said that he was from the local Baba temple and he was distributing ther UDI of our beloved BABA.Imagine my happiness and the first sacred thing to adorn my son's head was his UDI. 
My son learnt to talk and we happily taught him to chant Baba's name.He is three now and has not forgotten the chant of BAba. 
When i was pregnant the second time i was not aware of it and had taken some medicines which i wasnt supposed to take .I parayed to Baba and he helped me throughout the days of my pregnancy. 
i delivered a baby girl and she is now one yeasr old and she too has learnt to say Baba. 
i can only say this, Baba will be definitely there if only you call Him. 

Om Sai,Sri Sai, Jay Jay sai.