I am from bangalore and i am working as an Consultant in the software company. 

SAI has been in my life from my college days and he is always shown is grace on me & our family. 

It is SAI my lord who will always make me realise that he is always there for me and our family. Many times in my life sai has answered my prayer and to quote one miracle as such which had happened just recently in my life. 

From past few days i was suffering from right abdomen pain and many a times it was very severe. Initially i ignored assuming it to be an common pain as i work in the software company and i travel quite long everyday. 

After which i went to the doctor and he suggested me to do an Scan. He mentioned the possiblities of the pain could me Gastic, Infection, Ovarian Cyrst or Appendicitis. And after hearing all this me and my mom got so scared. And i literally cried after hearing this as i had more pain from few days thinking about the worst case. Wherein, i knew my SAI is with ME and i will be alrite. 

I always believe my sai and i am very much sure that he will take care of me and nothing will happen to me anytime. 

I got an appointment for Scan and got my scan done. I honestly tell you that i was so scared and when scan was going on i was just chanting "OM SAI RAM, SRI SAI RAM, JAI JAI SAI RAM and Sadguru SAI RAM".Wherein, in between doctor was asking me many questions and i ws really getting scared to the core but i was still chating my SAI's name. 

After the scan was over doctor checked the report and he said to me & mom that everything is normal, pain may be cause of gastic and nothing to worry. 

I was relieved from the fear factor and i really thanked my sai for this. And i told my sai that i will share this miracle with all my SAI friends.As my word to MY SAI RAM i am writing this for all my SAI friends. 

I still remember when i had got scared my mom just asked me to pray SAI and have faith in him. 

Again my SAI BABAJI blessed me and showered his blessings on me. I know whatever happens its because of our karma but i truely believe that nothing will bad will happen to any sai devotee. 

Our SAI MAA may test us initially but later our sai will only protect us forever. 

Please SAI BABAJI forgive all our mistake's and bless & protect us always as we are your children's.