Jai Sai Ram, 

I have one miracle to share with you all. Although, my life and every moment of it is going well by his grace, I deeply believe that he saved me from a rather ill fate. The story goes this way. 

I wanted to marry a guy i knew for all the wrong reasons. I never actually fell in love with him, but i wanted to escape from many things in my petty life and get out of my current house. I also faced so many problems previously that my self esteem and confidence were all time low. Marriage was never my priority, but I met this guy and thought, he is my good friend, he will understand me. He asked me first and I said "NO" to him, later i asked him and he neither said yes or no to me. he asked me why i never told him if i wanted to marry him. Our relationship was good friends and nothing more than that even after we thought of getting married. I was not really all happy about my decision, but i had given a commitment and i could not run away from it. He started avoiding me and used to tell me lies all the time which made my already worse condition even worse. I prayed to baba all the time. I had become slightly mentally unstable, frustrated being and all that frustration was showing up as bad acidity, gastric problems that i had to get admitted to hospital. my health was deteriorating, my life was a chaos and can't explain what i put myself into. I used to cry in front of baba saying, "if you dont want me to be with this guy, please end it. However, please give me a good enough reason so that i can move on without feeling guilty of abandoning him after my commitment". I cried and cried for many months and fell sick very often, not only due to this guy, but some other stresses at work as well. I never liked giving pain to my mom and my uncles who were scared for me. So one day i could bare no more and sat in front of baba that evening, tears streaming down my eyes, i told him, why dont you help me, kill me if you want but end this suffering. I cant see my loved ones in pain because of me. My cell phone rang the very moment i finished that sentence. I heard a girl talking, she asked if it was me, i said yes. She said, don't you even think of marrying that guy, he is a cheat and a fraud. he cheated me and many other girls. he seems keen on getting married to you since he thinks you are a nice girl. she was practically begging me over the phone to believe her. She also told me that she would commit suicide if he were to marry him. The call got cut. My joy knew no bounds. I went and thanked baba from the bottom of my heart. I felt so light like a huge weight lifted from my body and mind. I never felt so happy in a very long time. I called her back. I told her, he is all yours, i dont have anything to do with him. I had to console her for many coming days not to think of dying. She changed grew stronger and thanked me for being there for her. This was the end of first part. 

After a few days she called me.( My uncles and mom were looking for matches for me that time. ) She said that she saw a picture of baba in a shop and said to him to give me a very nice husband. The next day, she saw a old fakir on the road and looked at him, she gave him a rupee and namaskar. That old man told her that "your friend will get a prince as her husband. and you will be happy in your life." When i heard her say the blessing of that old man for both of us, my joy knew no bounds. she also said that old man disappeared so fast that she could not even say thanks to him. she asked me if it was sai baba. I told her, that she was very fortunate to have seen him and talked to him and to have gotten his blessings. My marriage got fixed in a few months and true to his words, i could not have asked for a better man. She is well settled in a good job and is happy. 

In my life i have been through tough times always before i got the best results. I believe it's baba's way to teach me patience as i am a very impatient person. But when ever he gave me anything, he has given me the best. I owe my life and every breath to him. I get mad and angry at him many times. I sometimes yell at him also and also beg for forgiveness. He has been kind enough to look at me and guide me even after i behave in bad ways. I am not particularly proud of all those bad things about me. I always beg him to put me on the right path. So he said meditate, you will be successful, so i am trying to do that. 

To all of you people out there, just look at him with love and talk to him whenever you feel like, you can sense his glaces on you. he is with all of us all the time, only we must grow to acknowledge his presence and appreciate it. 

Shri Satchidanada Satguru sainath maharaj ki jai.