The Miracle of the Miracle begins...!! 

Yes what u read is right .!! Please read the Miracle narrated below. 

I am so blessed that i could receive the book "Miracles of Sai" immediately after its releases that too on Thursday ...but as it was too late i could not start Parayan on the same day . 

Exactly after a week on Thursday i started the Parayan.before that day on Wednesday i was on chat with my brother who is in US, he is a Physiotherapist and stared working on his profession from an year ..he recently got HIB visa too in the lottery but unfortunately it was kept on query due to which he could not go for another job..!!! 

He was told that it will take couple of days to get clear but now its been almost 4 months, things were not going fine at his end..i asked him Bro watz up ?? did ur HI got cleared ?? he was like no chinnu ..just worried about it ra..until it gets clear i cannot move to other employer nor i can plan a visit to India , i wanna come home bad ..he said ,..tears were rolling in my eyes ..and left home . 

Next day before i started parayan i prayed Baba to get Anna's ..issues clear asap.and finished the first day Parayan n went office.The same day evening i received a call from Anna saying That "Chinnuuuuuuuuuuuuu ..at last i got my HI visa ra" that was the moment where i realized that my BABA has shown his miracle immediately with out any delay ...and now my brother is very relaxed and is planning to visit India in month of October' 09. 

All of us are glad to get this news and very very Happy. 

My special thanks to the Author from bottom of my Heart who made an great effort to collect such Miracles and let it reach to all devotees and given a chance to experience the Miracles of Sai in no time...!!! 

Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai..!!