Om Sri Sai Ram

This is ravikiran from Khammam , Andhra Pradesh. i am very much glad to tell about the miracle that was happened by grace of Baba on Dec 10th, 2008. I am working as software engineer in bangalore and My parents are staying in Khammam.My father is Govt College Principal. My mother was in Tiruchy, Tamilnadu as she went there to take care of my elder sister who was pregnant at that my father was staying alone in khammam. on December 8th,2008 Morning around 10 am ,My neighbours called me through my father's cell. As i have seen my father's name on my cell, i was surprised and little bit worried also as my father dont call me in the daytime excpet in the weekends.i lifted the phone and My aunty who is stayiing next to my portion said My father was laid down on the floor and he was totally in subconsious state.My neighbours and my father's collegues have admitted my father in a super speciality hospital which is in khammam.Doctors took my father to CT Scan place. he was in the theatre for 1 hour and finally they came up with reports. According to the report, they told that major and important part of the brain was damaged because of late admisson.Showing the CT Scan, they also said that left part of the brain got damaged severly.since the stroke was left part of the brain, my father lost movement for right hand, right leg and speech.they also confirmed that there are very less chances of seeing him as normal due to severe damage in brain.

i was thinking to take my father to hyderabad for better treatment. But doctors alreday told that the treaatment will be same any where either in khammam or US. They said that they have tried in all possible angles and time will decide about his father was in ICU for 2 days. i have seen baba photoes on the walls of 1st and 3rd floor of hospital.Though i prey all gods, i am devotee of Durga matha. One of my thickest friend used to told me about miracles of sai and also her experiences with Baba.i used to listen those but i never took it serious. As i was seeing baba'a photoes, whenever i am passing 1st and 3rd floor steps in hospital, unkonwingly i started preying baba with big devotion to save my father's life.for 2 days i preyed baba to rescue my father's life from this danger. Because of baba's grace, we decided to take my father to Krishna Institute Of Medical Sciences(KIMS), Secunderabad in Ambulance. 3rd day morning i.e 10th dec, 2008, we have taken my father to KIMS, Secunderabad for better treatment. i was really scared and worried about my father's condition as he was snoaring with big sound while we were on the way to KIMS,Secunderabad. we have admitted my father in Emeregency ward at around 12.30 pm in KIMS. we have handedover all our reports to kims doctors. they have taken CT SACN and asked us to wait for 30mins. After 1 hour, a doctor came and told my father needs brain surgery inorder to save his life. he also told he would have gone into coma if we admitted him after 3hours. Doctors told that his condition is very serious and he will go into coma if he doesnt get operated in 3 hours y beacause the damaged part in brain is causing pressue on small brain which was leading him to go into coma.They told us to decide whether we are ready for the operation or not. They told Operation costs around 3 lakhs and they can give only 30% assurance on my father's life even fater doing operation.They also told even if he survives, he will be on bed for his entire life and he cannot indentify any body.

i was totally out of control after listening this and i coudnt control my cry .I preyed Baba like anything and asked baba to save my father's life. i Paid 1 lakh and operation started at around 2.15pm.i waited in the upstaris lobby where i have luckily found saibaba temple opposite to this ,i started preying baba to save my father's life.i was there for 3 hours and preying baba to make the operation success. At around 5pm, i went to ask about the operation status . they said still the oepration is going on. After 2 more hours of waiting, i have seen my father who was being taken to ICU on the wheel bed.i have asked the doctor for my father's condition, they said operation was success and my father's life risk has came down from 70% to 20% . they also said that my father is able to take breathe without ventilator and if the condition is stable like this for 3 more days then there wont be any danger to his life.after listening this, i went to ICU to see my father after the father is sleeping, i touched his hand and called Nannagaaru(papaji)... he was slowly opening his eyes, he idengtified me . i told him not to worry and said that he would recover soon and also said mother , sisters everybody is fine . i was there for 3 mins and came out of ICU. i had my bath and went to SaiBaba temple to thank BABA for saving my father's life from biggest misery.I continued preying Sai baba each and every minute to save my fatther's life for next 3 days after that operation.By grace of baba, at the enb of 4th day, Doctor called me and told that this is the very rare incident that happend.Generally 95% of the people who have severe stroke like this cant sustain their life but ur father is very lucky who has no more life risk.then i asked about speech, right leg and right hand condition also. he told it depends upon the patient's recovfery rate .some people may take 3 months, some may take 6 months to 1 year.he also told like we cant give you assurance about his recovery but we should be with positive hope that he can come back to his normal life.Baba's miracle made me to become hard core devotee of him.from that day onwards, i am sincerely worshipping him till today.I asked baba to give movement for right hand, right leg and also speech.i was never been to i decided to go shirdi once every thing get settled.After discharge from hospital,My father was undergoing for physiotherapy daily for 3 hours.By Grace of Baba, My father got leg moment in 25 days and he was able to walk with stick.Hence , i thought this is rigtht time for me to go for baba's darshan.First time in my life,i went to shirdi on 30th jan, was really good. i preyed baba to give moment for my father's right hand also. i also asked baba to do one more mircale for myfather's speech.Now he is slowly recovering.On june 4th, 2009 i went to shirdi for second time for baba's darshan. after coming from shirdi, i received my father's salary which helped me to come out of financial problems.Now my father's walking is improved alot.Daily, my mother is takling my father to clinic for physiotherapy exercises.My father is able to speak some words around 10 to 15 words.all my family members are preying baba for my papa's speech.i am preying baba to do one more miracle for my father's speech. i am waiting for that day.I will definetly post the second miracle as soon as baba gives speech to my father.

Thanks & Regards
Ravikiran Yenduva
16th July 2009
Om Sri Sai Ram