Jai Sai Ram to all devotees! Baba aapke charon mein koti koti pranam!

By co-incidence, my name is also neeti and right now ,as I was very much upset with something going wrong in my life,I happened to open this website to get some solace from my grief by reading devotee's experiences. As I opened the site and scrolled down a bit to check from where I left, I saw my name up there. As I read,my eyes got numb with tears as my grief was also related with astrologers verdict and my faith in BABA.It was a miracle to get some advice from Baba through a devotee for my own problem adressed by my name. Although, I could make out later that it was adressed to another Neeti but still I felt that Baba has told me all that regarding my problem through some one.A million thanks for that!

I would like to narrate my experience to show the ways how Baba helps. He knows what is good for us and what is not.When I came to Canada, I got to know that I had to study B.Ed again to get into the profession of teaching.I was told by University councellors over the phone that I had to improve my B.Com marks to be eligible to apply for B.Ed.I also realised that even though I'll apply,chances of me getting admission were one in millions.I had lost all hopes. In my office where I worked earlier, there was Baba's picture on the wall right in front of my seat.One day as I looked up at his picture while working, a thought crossed my mind...Baba,I have heard that you do many miracles in people's lives,if a miracle happens in my life too.I'll start believing You!(Till that time Baba was my Boss' God for me). After that I never thought on those lines.Just in few days ,I thought of applying to B.Ed course inspite of the councellors advice.This idea came so late...there were only 10 days left and hundred things to arrange from India as well as toronto.We did the whole hassel and Baba helped us at each step...getting the courier from India just a day earlier etc. After applying,I started praying Baba every morning after reaching office to bless me with the admission.I applied to two very low ranking universities and one the best one for this course.I was hoping that I might get a chance in the low ones and just to fill the third one,I applied to the best one too.Every morning whenever I would pray, Baba would give me a smile and talk to me that I would certainly get admission. This feeling was so...strong that my heart started having hopes.I got refusal letter from the two low rank universities. Then all of a sudden I got interview call from the best one.I couldn't believe that. I prepared and every time Baba would talk to me reassuring my admission. But my interview went very bad...really bad indeed!I lost all hopes but when ever , I looked at Baba's picture, He would tell me that I would get it. That feeling was so ...strong that inspite of the fact that I knew all odds but I started believing Baba's words that I would get admission.Then I got refusal letter from that univ. stating that only 720 candidates were given admission out of 11,000 as per their merit.I was shattered...but when ever I would look at Baba's picture,I would get the same message as if He was telling me that I would get admission. He would give me the same smile.I rather got angry and tried not to look at Baba's picture. Everytime I would get a glance,I would feel that He was teasing me saying that I would still get admission!!! Then one month passed,I used to feel very bad about the whole expenditure and hopes.One day, I got a phone call from the same university,asking me ..."" there is a spot vacant in the program,we would like to know if you are still interested???" Oh My God! I could never believe that...that was a miracle!!!!!..biggest miracle in my life...Baba granted me admission in B.ed and that too in the best university inspite of the councellorrs telling me that I wasn't even eligible to apply!!!!I could never believe it....then I realised how Baba really created a miracle in my life too!Baba not only helped me get admission but also helped me pass that out in flying colors. Now with His blessing,I am working as a supply teacher in the board.Now Baba is everything for me...He guides me ,He loves me,He fulfills everything that I ask for.There are testing times too..but those are His game plans...So please believe in Him and surrender yourself to Him...He would take care !!He only knows what is going to happen ,we can only see the near future!!Imagine an ant on a big football...the ant can only see the very near objects but Baba holding that football can see where and how He can make the ant safe and happy....He may pick the ant and place it in totally another spot cause He knows but the ant will cry over the change...So, surreneder to Him and I promise you,He would take care and bless with what is good for us ,which you and I can't see. Baba,Please help each and everyone in the universe! Om Sai Namoh Namah,Shree Sai namoh namah, Jai Jai Sai namoh namah,Sat guru Sai namoh namah!!

Randhir singh