Would like to share a real miracle happen to me where I could see Baba in live standing right in front of me for couple of seconds and just disappeared. Let me tell you how this all happen.

I started parayana couple of months back but could not finish it due to few reasons. Later I never found time to continue and finish the parayana. From then I was getting disturbed a lot in my personal life, I felt that may be coz am delaying the parayana Baba was testing me so then I deiced to start parayana again on 18-12-2008. But the day before (Wednesday) I had many guest at home and slept at 2:30 am but wanted to wake up by 4:30 n start Parayana but unfortunately alarm dint ring ...later in my dreams Baba walked in and was smiling at me then I realized that I got to wake up and do parayana by the time I woke up it was 7Am, still I managed to do all my household things and did start payarana n left office.

All set parayan is going on well and on 3rd day (Saturday) my daughter was suffering with high temperature, no medicine was working on her, I simply told Baba before I finish today’s parayanam I want my daughter’s temperature to be normal n she start playing no matter when I finish it in an hour, or by end of the day, but she should be fine the minute I am done and Baba shown his miracle, my daughter started playing that evening..!! The minute I finished.

As Parayan was getting over, I was getting more n more interested to go Shirid and see Baba. But as the date I planned with two of my colleagues to start on 24th Dec..Reach by 25th Dec (last day of my parayana) but 25th Dec being holiday no tickets were available...Tried our best but, no...Tickets…all of sudden my husband called me and said just 3 tickets are available and he has booked them. it was 1:40 when he called and the bus was @ 4:30 I rushed home, was very happy going to shiridi...and to my surprise when I just got down from the car at the bus stop Baba came walking and stood right in front of me he was looking at me I was also looking at him and in fraction of seconds when I turned back to close the door Baba disappeared but am sooo blessed the Baba gave his darshan in live before I reached Shridi.

This Parayana was a very very Special Parayana ever in my life .I thank all my well wishers,friends & Family who have supported me in all my attempt of doing this parayana successfully.

This again Proves Baba is every where. But I believe Baba is always next to me within me..!!!

Jai Bolo Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai..!!!
Deepthi Dhar