Jai Sai Ram to all devotees!

About couple of weeks ago, as I was reading experiences of other devotees on this site,I came across an experience where a devotee had mentioned about Baba's Samadhan Book.I wanted to know about it and Mr. RS was very kind to send me the link for the same.I asked a question and got the reply for that which confirmed my belief about something.

I'll share that experience with you here. One day after my school,as I was walking towards the bus stop, I saw a middle aged person dressed in pant,shirt and jacket with cap and muffler around His neck...He was looking towards me and as I came near Him,He showed His hand in a blessing gesture and asked me .."Is everything alright?" He was a total stranger to me.I don't know why my heart started saying that He was Baba Himself!! He was staring at me,I got little scared and started looking somewhere else.Then I looked back at Him,He was walking towards the next intersection.He was limping badly.Waiting for my bus,I kept looking at Him . seeing him limping badly,I whispered " Oh Baba,please help this man by curing his leg!" As I whispered this,He immediately looked back towards me as if He had heard me say that...It wasn't possible for Him to hear me as He was far away and moreoever I just mumbled to myself.As He looked back at me,He waived me...I don't know why and how I waived Him back as I was getting a strong feeling that He was no one else but Baba Himself. I kept remembering Him and told my family about Him when I reached home.

The next day ,He was again there.Almost in the same attire.He was sitting at the bus stop as I reached there,while coming back from the school.To tell you honestly though I was getting a feeling that He was Baba,still I had doubts and got scared seeing Him sitting there.I didn't get into the bus stop shed and kept standing by the side a little far away.After few minutes, He got up and started walking towards the other intersection again.I watched him go.

Third day ,He was again there.As I reached the intersection,He was looking towards me and again with a blessing gesture asked me,"Is everything alright?" I noded "Yes". Then he offered me a handshake asking me ,"How are you?" Very hesitantly I just touched his hand and replied"I am fine" Then I crossed the road with him very slowly as he was limping.He asked me,"Are you from India?" I replied "Yes" and asked Him where he was from.."I am from Pune!", He replied.I asked him what happened to His leg and he told me that it was the result of a stroke.Then again He waived me bye and walked limping all the way...I watched him till the next intersection.

An important aspect to this is that all the three days ,I was at the bus stop at a different time..4:30,3:35 and 5:36.Even then I met Him all the three days. Now when ever I reach that stop,my heart feels a strong desire to see Him one more time..but its been more than a month,I haven't seen Him.At home also,I am feeling that if I meet Him once again,I would like to touch His Holy feet and ask him to give me His darshan. I don't know if I would be able to do that....outwardly He looked like an ordinary man but my heart keeps telling me He was Baba. I asked this question in Baba's Samadhan book and got the reply..."Remember Shree Sai. All things are not within human capacities!"

What I could understand from this was confirmation of my faith that He was no one else than Baba! I would like you to give me your comments on my experience and guide me.

Baba please be with each and every living being in this Universe and help us all.

Jai Sai Ram!
Neeti Shori - Canada