jai sai nath to all the devotees of sai baba. whatever i m going to share with u all is a proof of the fact that baba listens to us and his eyes are on us every moment.Actually I have a book of sai baba's teachings namely SAI VACHANMALA"which I keep in my college bag.So one day while the clss was going on I just looked in my bag to take out a pen and my eyes fell on that book.I just said in my subconscious "Baba u are so kind " and believe me the moment I said that one of my classmate's mobile phone started ringing in the class itself whose ringtone was a" sai baba's bhajan ".though everyone is supposed to keep his cellphone in silent mode still ,it was such a great feeling as if Baba is listening to me.

I LOVE U SAI BABA.Thank you sai nath for accepting me as your follower. Baba please always be with me.

sumi shweta - noida-India