Sri D.V.S Naidu of west Mareddipally, Secunderabad, was doing business since 1942 at Kalbadevi, Bombay. He was doing cloth commission business in the name of Ram Subagh Hari and Co. In 1952, his type of business stopped as cloth was controlled and textiles were directly supplied to cooperative societies. In this situation, he was walking towards V.T. Station, when he was accosted by Krishnadas Chowdhury of Vijayawada, who asked him how the business was. Sri Naidu replied there was no business to agents like him now.

Sri Chowdhury then said, hat he was proceeding to Shirdi, and asked his friend to accompany him. Sri Naidu said he had no money to make the trip, but would take Prasad from Chowdhury when he returned. But Sri Chowdhury persuaded and purchased a ticket for Sri Naidu also. They reached Shirdi, and he says that very few people were to be found in the Sai Baba Mandir at that time at Shirdi. They slept under a tree, had bath in the morning, had darshan of Sai Baba and returned to Bombay. On arrival at his office, his clerk told him that one Sri Shanmugha Sundaram Pillai, Registrar of Co-operative Societies from Madras had come to seek his help. Next day Sri Pillai again came to Sri Naiduís office and appraised textiles from Bombay and that he should be helped in this matter.

The officer Sri Pillai, was authorised by the Government of Madras to purchase of textile goods to the extent of his capacity, and he could also inform his friends who were doing similar business. The assignment lasted for two years, Sri Naidu and his friends had enough business, to see them through