In 1949, Gangadhar Lakshman Jakhadi, Dadar, Bombay, was a telegraph master at Kalyan Railway Station. At 12’O clock, in the noon, he was going to the railway canteen for his lunch.

A sanyasi who was sitting on a bench, beckoned him. The sanyasi began to converse with him. He said he was a devotee of Dutta, that he had come to Bombay after pilgrimage to Mahur, (in Central India, is a Dattatreya kshetra.) that he was on his way to Badrinarayan temple in the Himalayas, “would you buy me a ticket to Haridwar?’ asked the sanyasi. ”Do you have money for the journey and ticket?’ asked Jakhadi. “Put your hand in my joli and take the money” said the sanyasi.

Jakhadi did so and found the zoli contained a lot of rupee coins. He took Rs.36 from the joli, the fare to Haridwar was Rs35.12 annas. “Put the balance four annas in my joli” said the sanyasi. When Jakhadi tried to put the four annas in the joli, he found it empty now. Hardly a few minutes back it was full! ”What happened? Your joli is empty now” asked Jakhadi in wonder. “Nothing has happened.

My bank is at Mahur, Gangapur (Gangapur or Ganagapur is near Sholapur, Gulburga District, is also Dattatreya Kshetra.), Shirdi and other places. When I need money, I get it. When the need is met, the money returns to my bank. “What have I got to do with money”? queried the sanyasi. Then the sanyasi of his own accord, told Jakhadi, “Sai Baba is an incarnation of Dutta, visit Shirdi from time to time, you will not be found wanting for anything.” Did Sai Baba materialise in the form of the sanyasi? Or did the sanyasi identify himself with Sai Baba? We do not know.