In the Ashada month of 1948, a batch of devotees left for Shirdi from Hyderabad. It was rainy season. From Kopergaon, in those days, were no busses to Shirdi. One had to cross river Godavari and then catch a bus to Shirdi. The present road over the bridge was under construction. The devotees found that the low level bridge across Godavari was almost submerged in water. A boat was plying to enable people to cross to the other shore. The Hyderabad devotees also wanted to do the same. But the cartman, who had brought them from the Kopergaon station, suggested that he would take them through the low level bridge, and the party of devotees agreed, to avoid transhipment by boat. When the cart was half was half way through there was a heavy downpour of rain, the river which was already swelling become furious? The bullocks were virtually in water, and the cart man lost his control. In addition one of the cart wheels got struck to a boulder. There was no parapet wall to the low-level bridge, and the water had engulfed the cart. The party chanted the name of Sai Baba in chorus and had almost made up their mind to meet the watery grave with the Lord’s name of their lips. Suddenly from nowhere a middle aged man appeared in front of the bullock cart, and assumed control of steering the cart of his own accord. The cartman removed the boulder and the stranger piloted the cart towards the other shore. The water subdued as the stranger deftly piloted the cart. Soon after, the rain stopped, clouds cleared and there was some sunshine. The crowds of people who were watching from the other shore at the party’s plight, rejoiced with shouts of “Sai Baba Ki Jai”, Mr Baliah, the head of the group of devotees was so immensely happy, that he took out a ten rupee note to offer as a presentation to the stranger. But lo! The stranger was not there!