V.N Murthy of Basavanagudi,Bangalore, was suffering from fits for 17 years from his 19th year. All kinds of treatments and charms were of no avail. About 1943, a friend of his gave him alittle udhi of SaiBaba , advised him to leave all other medicines, cast all his burdens and anxities on SaiBaba and worship him. He began to worship SaiBaba, not with any faith but with the hope that he would get relief from his fits.He began to get relief immediately.First he would get fits only when he was in the office or in the house and never while outside or in roads. The attacks became milder and milder.Murthy Rao was content to be cured gradually.But his mother and brother were anxious for cure immediately. They approached some tantrics, without the knowledge of Murthy Rao.Every time it was done the attacks increased, until one day SaiBaba came upon him and in that condition,he told his mother " why did you go elsewhere. Never have any of my devotees been thrown to despondency. He is not having any of his previous attacks.Within another 3 or four months,he will be completely all right.Be content with having the complaint cured slowly. Murthy Rao became alright as told by Babe