Here is Doctor’s second experience. The doctor had forgotten Sai Baba for more than a decade. Baba re-established the faith in Him, by His own initiative. The doctor was posted as Professor, Andhra Medical College, Vishakapatnam in the year 1950. In the period 1952-1953, the now Andhra Pradesh was in the midst of political turmoil, of creation of separate state from the composite state of Madras.

The doctor to escape the turbulence and insecurity of life and property went to Mysore on two months’ leave. One evening while he and his brother-in-law were walking on Thyagaraja Road, Mysore, there was a sudden down pour of rain. They went and took shelter in the nearest building, which happened to be a beautiful temple of Sai Baba, the existence of which the doctor was unaware of. At that time, as the evening pooja and Arathi were going on, the doctor, was reminded of the evening pooja and Arathi in Sri Ramaswamy’s house in Ananthapur. After Arathi, they were given Prasad and udhi.

An old man was sitting in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. He beckoned the doctor to come near him. When he went near the old man, he gave the doctor a beautiful photo of Sai Baba. The doctor thinking that the old man was entrusted with selling photos of Sai Baba, asked him the price. The old man retorted at once, that the photo is not for sale. “Baba has asked me to give it to you, It seems you have forgotten Him. You take the photo and put it in your own house and that done, He will be with you.”

The doctor was taken aback. With humble devotion he accepted the photo and offered his gratitude to the old man and to Baba. The doctor had saved only Rs. Five Thousand, and hence he could not imagine how he would be able to own a house and install Baba’s photo there. The above incident took place in 1953 and within a year there of, a miracle really happened. A cooperative house construction society in Madras accepted Rs Five Thousand only and allotted the doctor a big plot of land (Five grounds) in Adyar, a posh locality in Madras.

The society also constructed a fine spacious house on the plot, costing nearly thirty thousand rupees. The doctor was given possession of the house in 1954, with a stipulation that he should pay the cost of the land and the house on Moderate monthly instalments spread over a period of twenty years. He and his wife were immensely happy. After house warming ceremony, they put up Sai Baba’s photo in the hall facing the main entrance. Sai Baba began to make His presence felt.

A well was dug to supplement the Corporation water which was inadequate. The experience of the neighbours who had also dug wells was discouraging. The wells had saltish water. The doctor also got the same saline water. The doctor also got the same saline water. The doctor and his wife were much disappointed. In the evening both of them prayed before Baba and told Him, “this is your house, not ours. So if you want us to drink salt water, we are ready. So kindly give us the solution to the salt water problem.

” It rained throughout the night, the wall of the well partially collapsed. The contractor told the doctor, that he is prepared to spend a little more money, he would remove the mud and dig a few feet deeper. The doctor agreed. After digging three or four feet deeper, a fresh water underground stream was seen oozing out from the side of the well. In summer, which is very severe in Madras, the neighbours’ wells go dry, but the doctor’s well has at least 8 to 9 feet of sweet water