Smt. Mani Sahukar, was going through a difficult period of her life and was feeling unhappy and frustrated. A neighbour of hers brought Sri Narasimha Swamiji to her house in Bombay in the year 1942. Sri Narasimha Swamiji at once sensed that all was not well with her. He seemed ot have come to meet her and help her. Taking her aside he said, “don’t worry, why don’t you seek refuge in Sai Baba”? SMt. Mani Sahukar, was not particularly religious, and knew nothing about saints, much less about Sai Baba. “Who is Sai Baba”? She asked. As a reply the Swamiji put in her hand a packet of books written by him and blessing her asked her to read them. He added that “there is a lovely picture of Baba in this packet for you.” She says that though she was touched by the kindness of the Swamiji, his advice and gift made no immediate impression on her. She put away the packet without opening it and persisted in her misery. Her husband became an instrument to draw her to the spiritual path. He opened the packet and after reading one of Swamiji’s books, and seeing Baba’s radiant picture, he said, “Sai Baba seems to be a great saint, why don’t you read these books” They might help you.” But Smt. Mani Sahukar remained unmoved. After a few days however, she began to feel penitent, and more to please her husband, she took out Baba’s picture from the packet framed it and put it on the table in front of their beds. This simple and penitent gesture started the miracle of her conversion. The very next day in the afternoon as she lay sleeping on her bed in front of the picture of Baba, she was blessed with a lovely visitation. As she was dozing, in her sleep she suddenly saw Baba’s photo lit up a translucent glow. His face broke into a tender smile. His hand came out of the frame, as it were and He beckoned her to his forefinger. She dreamt that she jumped out of the bed and rushed towards Baba’s photo. Sai Baba then placed His hand on her head in a blessing. She woke up with a start, when she actually felt the ecstasy of Baba’s touch. She was thrilled. She claims that this was her initiation and remembers Baba’s sayings “I seek out my bhakthas and draw them to me.” She says that from that hour her life changed. Her old apathy was gone and she came closer to Sai Baba.