Mrs. Mani Sahukar, in her book Sai Baba, the Saint of Shirdi, records these experiences: Dr Rustomji was a homeopath engaged in medical work in the homeopathic dispensary of Shirdi. It appears that the doctor owed Rs.300 to a person in Bombay. The doctor came down to Bombay, made a cheque for that amount and delivered it to that person. On returning to Shirdi he found, to his dismay, in his pass book, that he did not have that much amount to his credit in his account. The thought that his cheque would be dishonoured and what that person would think of him, as a consequence upset him very much. With implicit faith in his guru, Dr Rustomji pleaded with Baba to get him out of the predicament. His prayer was answered in a strange manner. A couple of days later, a casual acquaintance of his called upon him and asked the doctor if he would keep the small packet with him and that he would claim it back after three months. Dr Rustomji asked what the packet contained. “it contains Rs 300 was the amazing reply!” “Do you mind if I use the money”? asked the doctor. “I do not mind what you do with the money as long as the money is returned to me after three months” was the reply. The doctor thought that this was a god sent money, thanked the gentleman and immediately rushed to his bank and credited the amount to his account. He found to his great relief that his cheque had not been presented for payment. His honour was saved. Three months passed and Dr Rustomji’s benefactor did not turn up. His address was not known. After six months, Dr Rustomji suddenly saw his benefactor walking down the road. The doctor went up to him greeted him and asked him why he did not reclaim his money, that he has been waiting for him to return the money, but the man, looked blank and replied that he had not given any money to the doctor. Thinking that the man was joking, the doctor pressed the notes into the gentleman’s hand. But the gentleman refused, denying vehemently that he had given any money to the doctor. It soon dawned upon the doctor, that the fakir, who had lived in Shirdi, many many years ago, had played his leela on His devotee.