Nagamma, a daily wage earner, was undergoing intense poverty. She was attending Sai pooja every Thursday at Sri Subba Rao’s house at Gooty, Andhra Pradesh, She Prayed intensely for an employment for her son so that she can get relief from the pangs of poverty. One night a fakir appeared in her dream and gave her some rupees and insisted that she take them. Within a week of this dream, her son got employment. Sri S.Jambunathan, Head Clerk D.F.O. Madura, was devoted to Sai Baba since 1940. Baba gave him forewarnings in dreams. He appeared mostly as an old man in dreams. Sri Jambunathan has a daughter. In 1942, Baba appeared in his daughter’s dream and told her “soon you will have a son”. Accordingly a son was born who was named Sai Raman. Fourteen months after, she bore another son who was named Sai Prasad. In October 1943 four months after the birth of Sai Prasad, the “old man” appeared in his daughter’s dream and asked “will you give me Sai Raman”. The daughter resented. After two months, the old man appeared in her dream again and asked again for Sai Raman. She again refused. But the old man said, he would take away the boy at 4:15 AM on 5/1/1944. Sai Raman was a precocious and devout child who would always stand before Baba’s photo and would go to sleep lulled by Sai Keerthanas. Sai Raman began to have enlargement of liver and spleen, which became worse and worse in spite of the best medical treatment. On the fatal night, Sai pooja was performed and the mother watched all night by the child’s bed side. Just before the time fixed by Baba, the mother fell asleep, the clock in the room stopped and the lamp kept burning before Baba’s photo got extinguished. The mother saw Baba taking away the child in her dream. When she woke up with a start, the child was dead.