Upagrashta Sangamesan met and old Sage in 1941 who told him that Baba is a divine begin, who would never let down His Devotees, that he should do Nitya Pooja to Baba. He gave him a Baba photo. The sge also told him that in the beginning he has to face mental worries, official problems, domestic worries etc, and not minding these difficulties, if he continues his devotion, Baba will take complete responsibility for his welfare, material and spiritual. Sri Sangamesan began to perform Nitya Pooja and as predicted by the sage, his troubles came from all sides and became unbearable. At this point of time, he even began to lose faith in the Sage’s words and in Sai Baba and in desperation sat on the steps leading to Kapaleeshwar temple at Mylapore, Madras. He saw opposite to the temple a sign board, All India Sai Samaj. He went in and met Sri Narasimha Swamiji, Sangamesan bared himself before the Swamiji all his predicaments, doubts and misgivings. Swamiji replied as follows. ”No difficulties will come by having faith in Sai Baba and doing pooja to him. One cannot escape the debts of Poorva Karma. Belief in Baba and pooja to Him will help in liquidating the sins committed in Poorva Janma in course of time. You have so much dirt in your mind and on your soul. Hence the difficulties, that you are facing. When a seed is sown you cannot expect its fruits immediately. You have to wait patiently. It may take a short time or it may take some years. You should not cut the tree which is in the process of giving fruits. When the tree starts giving fruits, not only you, everybody in the locality will benefit.” Sangamesan continued his Nitya Pooja to Baba and also met Swamiji several times there after. From 1965, Sai Baba began to speak to Sangamesan. Hundreds of people began to come to Sangamesan for solving their problems, He says that Baba’s powers are too many and his miracles can be known only by experience.