In 1940, Baba told Sri Ramanaiah of Gudur, in his dream that he should build His temple on the site which lay north to his house. But the site did not belong to Ramanaiah but to another person, a labourer by name Pichivadu. Ramanaiah was a devotee of Baba, but the other person had not heard of Baba. Soon after Ramanaiah’s dream Pichivadu saw in the jungle a fakir, who told him to hand over his site to Ramanaiah for the construction of Baba temple. The direction was repeated a second time. Pichivadu confronted Sri Ramanaiah with these facts, and when asked how the fakir looked like, he showed him Baba’s picture in Ramanaiah’s house. Pichivadu soon after gifted his plot of lad to Ramanaiah. Baba told Ramanaiah in his dream the dimension and specifications of the temple to be built. When people came to know about these happenings, some people gave bricks for the walls, some for the foundations and terrace, some provided with rafters, some provided wood for doors etc. Pichivadu also contributed with labour. With the help of the people a small temple of the size of 100 feet X 8 feet was built in less than four week’s time. Dr M K Rajagopalachari of Nellore contributed a Baba Portrait. Sri Narashima Swamiji, Sri Panini Rao and others attended the temple opening ceremony. This is how Sai Baba’s first temple in South India came to be built.